Garfield County Commissioners are misusing tax dollars

Local taxpayers call out Garfield County Commissioners for misallocation of funds

Natural gas flaring from a Williams Energy facility can be seen from Garfield County Road 215 on Friday August 14, 2020. [Photo credit: William Woody, Special to The Colorado Sun]

A group of taxpayers living in Garfield County are calling out the Garfield County Commissioners for spending nearly $2 million from the county budget to fight new regulations that are specifically designed to protect public health and the environment from oil and gas development. They have created a website that lays out details of the spending.

Garfield County Taxpayers Accountability Project

County Commissioners Tom Jankovsky, John Martin and Mike Samson used money from the county’s oil and gas mitigation fund to wage a fight against the state’s effort to protect public health with rules that protect communities from the worst effects of fossil fuel development.

“We are forming the Garfield County Taxpayers Accountability Project to raise public awareness and to pressure our Commissioners to spend our tax dollars on county residents, businesses and other organizations — not to fight common sense rules that keep us healthy and safe,” says Allyn Harvey, a longtime Carbondale resident and former Town of Carbondale trustee.

“Please check out our website and get in touch if you have any questions or ideas,” he says.

Garfield County Taxpayers Accountability Project

Colorado’s Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, one of two rulemaking bodies for the oil and gas industry, is expected later this year to review additional rules that further protect public health and safety and find a better balance between drilling and nearby neighborhoods, schools and businesses.

“We urge the commissioners to spend our public money locally on behalf of Garfield County residents and businesses, instead of in Denver on behalf of energy companies,” says Leslie Robinson, a former county commission candidate and chair of the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance based in Rifle.

“Garfield County tax dollars should be spent to the benefit of Garfield County residents and visitors, not to our detriment,” she says.

The following is a breakdown of how Garfield County spent its tax dollars at least $1,780,000 over 18 months, including expenses such as the following:

  • $1,239,883 to the Front Range law firm Davis Graham & Stubbs
  • $85,958 for 10 months of PR services from Denver PR firm GroundFloor Media
  • $140,750 for the advice of Matt LePore, a former director of the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
  • $204,000 for the advice of other consultants, only a few of whom are located in Garfield County

The money came from the county’s Oil and Gas Mitigation Fund, which according to the county’s 2021 adopted budget, is supposed to be spent mitigating the effects of oil and gas development on residents and businesses.

“I can’t think of any mitigation they’ve done, except to help the industry,” said Dave Devanney, former chair of Battlement Concerned Citizens, a grassroots group in Battlement Mesa that helps residents cope with natural gas development that butts up against the community’s neighborhoods.

The Garfield County Taxpayers Accountability Project was developed with the support of Colorado Rural Voters, a non-partisan political organization that strives to invigorate our democracy by engaging people on the Western Slope in the election process.

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2 replies

  1. What this tax accountability website does not discuss, is the present Garfield County Attorney’s bloated bureaucracy and the empire the county attorney has constructed. Please remember, Garfield County Commissioners Mike Samson, John Martin and Tom Jankovsky, found it necessary to pay out of Garfield County Treasury, almost $2Million to fight the new Polis O&G regulations; and another $1mlliion or so to fight off the RMI limestone quarry north of Glenwood Springs. Both of these legal action were outsourced to private attorneys by Commissioners Samson, Martin and Jankovsky, costing the GarCo Treasury approximately $3million.

    However, the Garfield County Attorney’s staff has full time lawyer’s salaries of: 1. County Attorney @$165K, four (4) full time Assistant County Attorneys III, which totals $465K, one Assistant County Attorney II @ $79K, one senior paralegal @$90K, and two (2) junior paralegals for $115k for both. Plus the benefits are equal to 30% (thirty percent) of their salaries. All totaled it is approximately $825K in salaries and $250K in benefits for a total of $1,100,000 to fund the Garfield County Attorney’s office. But whenever there is a legal issue that requires real work product on the part of the County Attorney; Samson, Martin and Jankovsky spend GarCo Treasury money instead of relying upon their own in house legal counsel.

    Commissioners Samson, Martin and Jankovsky are poor stewards of GarCo Treasury and those three RINOS should be recalled forthwith.


  1. Garfield County Commissioners are misusing tax dollars - Larimer Alliance Blog

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