Health Impacts of Oil and Gas Development in Colorado

All videos were recorded February 1, 2019, at Colorado State University at the Medical Symposium: Health Impacts of Oil and Gas Development in Colorado

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Life Within One Mile of 158 Fracking Wells: Beth Ewaskowitz, PhD
A pharmacologist/mom’s journey into identifying high volatile organic compound (VOC) levels from potential chronic exposure to fracking operations in Erie, Colorado.
41:11 mins

Oil, Gas & Environmental Justice in Colorado: Stephanie Malin, PhD
Dr. Stephanie Malin from the Department of Sociology at Colorado State University School of Public Health discusses the relation between social and environmental relationships and their relationship to the impacts of oil and gas production in Colorado.
24:18 mins

Health Impacts and Health Care Provider Response to Shale Gas Development
Jessa Chabeau and Raina Ripple from the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project present their Medical Toolbox for citizens and health care professionals.
55:40 mins

The Legal History of Oil and Gas in Colorado
Dan Leftwich is the attorney for the CO supreme Court Case vrs. Oil & Gas. He discusses the laws that currently are in place with regard to medical practitioners and also about the legal history of Oil & Gas in CO leading up to this court case.
45:23 mins

Physicians for Social Responsibility: Health Impacts of Oil and Gas Development in Colorado
Barbara Donachy, MPH; and Dr. David Nolan, MD, Gastroenterologist from Physicians For Social Responsibility Colorado Chapter. They discuss PSR CO’s role in addressing health impacts of Oil & Gas Development in CO.
19.39 mins

Susceptibility of Children to Fracking Toxins: Larysa Dyrska, MD
Dr. Larysa Dyrska, MD is a retired Retired Pediatric specialist.
21:07 mins

Oil and Gas Development and Risk to Nearby Residents: John Adgate, PhD, MSPH
Dr. John Adgate is a Professor and Chair with the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Colorado School of Public Health. He spoke about the risk concerns to residents living near oil and gas development and interventions to protect public health.
30.38 mins

Unconventional Drilling Impacts on Water and Global Warming: Catherine Thomasson, MD
Catherine Thomasson is the Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility. She spoke about oil and gas development’s impacts on water and climate change.
28.45 mins

Read Dr. Sandra Steingraber’s keynote speech:

Toward an Unfractured Future: The Public Health Case Against Fracking and How it Prevailed in New York
By Sandra Steingraber, PhD
Prepared remarks, keynote lecture at the Medical Symposium on the Health Impacts of Oil and Gas Development, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, on February 1, 2019.

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