RMR’s Glenwood Springs massive strip mine project revealed

View of proposed RMR strip mine (in red) from Glenwood Springs Adventure Park

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BLM sends Glenwood quarry proposal back to drawing board

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has declined to accept a proposal to expand the Mid-Continent Quarry above Glenwood Springs, saying the plan lacks specifics in several key areas …



The Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance has obtained the Plan of Operation (POO) that Rocky Mountain Resources (RMR) submitted to the BLM for completeness review. Concern continues to grow as details of RMR’s plan for their Glenwood Springs mine emerge. Sadly, the plan is even more impactful than RMR has previously discussed.

RMR is proposing to expand from 15.7 acres to 440 acres with 320 of those acres being “disturbed.” Their top-down mining method will visually impact the hillsides above Glenwood almost immediately. RMR will begin stripping at an elevation of 8,400 ft. and eventually, work their way down to the existing pit at 6,600 ft. With the blasting and excavating starting from the top, it will have immediate visual impacts to the community.

Strip mine in red will be visible from areas in green in Glenwood Springs (appoximate)

RMR intends on operating the mine round-the-clock, with operations lasting a minimum of 20 years. Crushing and trucking is proposed from 6:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. Blasting will occur between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The crushed material will be transported via an elevated tube conveyor running down the mountain face to the processing/crushing facility located at the lower quarry. From there, trucks will take the product down Transfer Trail, Traver Trail, and across the Colorado River on Devereux Road where it will be dumped into waiting railcars. The haul route impacts recreational access to the Flat Tops Mountains and residential access to Oasis Creek. Truck traffic will pass by several popular tourist destinations.

View of RMR strip mine (in red) from Iron Mountain Hot Springs

RMR proposes to mine FIVE MILLION tons of product per year from the site. To accomplish their goal, they must average an extraction rate of 38,000 lbs/minute during their twelve hours of production per day. A 100-ton railcar will be filled every five minutes and fifteen seconds. RMR’s proposal predicts 400 to 500 trips each day on Transfer Trail with 80 to 90 percent being haul trucks. This will result in 320 to 450 semis per day traveling through Glenwood Springs. If RMR intends on using standard semi loading practices, they may need even more trucks than previously disclosed.

This proposal has real consequences for the Glenwood Springs community, as well as the economy and environment.

RMR’s proposal requires permits from the county and state. Those applications have not been submitted. The BLM will hold a public comment period which has yet to be announced.

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View of RMR strip mine (in red) from The Meadows shopping center

View of RMR strip mine (in red) from Glenwood Springs High School

Aerial view of RMR strip mine (in red) from Glenwood Springs south

Aerial view of RMR strip mine (in red) from Glenwood Springs north

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