Prop 112: The Debates

Dan Haley, President of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA), and Heidi Russ Henkel, Colorado Rising volunteer, prepare to debate Proposition 112 on September 21 [Photo credit: CBS]

September 21

CPT12 aired a debate on Proposition 112 which would increase the setback minimums for oil and gas wells in Colorado. Representing the proponents is Heidi Russ Henkel, Colorado Rising volunteer, and Dan Haley, President of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA), represents the opponents. Click here to view the 30-minute debate.

October 3

KGNU in Boulder broadcasted a debate between Prop 112 Proponent, Anne Lee Foster, and Vital for Colorado’s Simon Lomax. Click here to listen to the 60-minute debate.

October 4

The Garfield County Energy Advisory Board (EAB) hosted an Oil and Gas Ballot Forum on the following ballot measures:

  • Proposition 112 would create a mandatory 2,500 foot minimum setback between new oil and gas development and homes, schools, occupied buildings and water sources. Would allow local governments to designate greater than 2,500 setbacks as well.
  • Amendment 74 would alter the state constitution to require compensation when a local or state government law or regulation causes any reduction in the fair market value of private property. This includes oil & gas and other land use decisions

Ballot Forum Speakers were:

  • Heidi Henkel, Colorado Rising, Proponent for Proposition 112
  • Simon Lomax, Vital for Colorado, opponent of Proposition 112
  • Shawn Martini, Colorado Farm Bureau, Proponent of Amendment 74
  • Rick Ridder, Save our Neighborhoods No on 74 Campaign, opponent of Amendment 74

Click here to view the forum. If you have problems with this link, click here and scroll down to “Energy Advisory Board meetings” and then click “Link to video presentation” for October meeting.

October 6

The Aaron Harber Show on Denver Channel 3 aired a Proposition 112 debate in two 30-minute segments. Watch online or below.

Arguing for the Proposition are Anne Lee Foster, full-time campaign manager, Heidi Henkel, campaign volunteer, and Colorado State Representative Joe Salazar. Opposing the measure are Tracee Bentley, Executive Director of the Colorado Petroleum Council, Chip Rimer, Senior Vice President of Noble Energy, and Craig Rasmuson, Vice President of Community Relations at SRC Energy.

Part 1 — 30 minutes

Part 2 — 30 minutes

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