Prop 112 campaign video released

October 4, 2018

Colorado, Proposition 112, setbacks



Colorado Rising released their first campaign video in favor of Prop 112 for 2500 ft. oil and gas setbacks. The video was created by Larissa Rhodes and Marc Crawford who are fresh off winning an Emmy award for the film Chasing Coral.

Mark and Larissa said about Prop 112:
“We are Colorado residents and we love our home. We felt that Longmont was the perfect city to live and work as filmmakers, and have loved the community and vibe that the Front Range offers. However, when we learned that our home and way of life could be polluted or even destroyed by oil, gas, and fracking operations like the neighborhood house explosion in Firestone and the well-documented air pollution, environmental contamination, and health implications (especially to future mothers) from these operations, we knew that this was not what we wanted for our home and the livelihood of our family. Our future depends on being able to breath clean air, drink clean water, and live without the fear of our home going up in flames. We believe all of Colorado deserves the same and hope our neighbors pay attention when they vote because our cherished way of life is about to go to the highest bidder. That’s why we’re voting YES on 112.”

The 50-second video mocks the oil and gas industry’s glossy advertising campaign, by juxtaposing real news clips of fires, explosions and leaks from the oil and gas sites in Colorado. it has already been viewed over 28k times in half a day!

The fossil fuel industry has already spent millions on advertising against Prop 112, while the campaign for Yes on 112 will be attempting to counter it with videos released online and grassroots outreach.

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