How to Use Public Hearings to Beat Oil & Gas

Protestors’ silent demonstration at COGCC meeting October 30, 2017. [Source: CBS local]

Webinar: How to Use Public Hearings to Beat Oil & Gas

When an oi & gas company comes to town, the public process can be overwhelming. Sometimes we hear about well pads or other projects after the opportunity for public comment has passed. Oil & gas companies often fast-track the process or present a project as a done deal to limit public input. The companies rely on people feeling defeated from the start so they can move through our democratic process quickly and quietly.

Because of this, it can be hard to mobilize friends and neighbors to attend hearings and become educated about development. Many who have participated in the public process in the past felt it didn’t work out well.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that we still can use the public process to intervene, slow, or even prevent fracking or related industry.

Halt the Harm’s latest webinar is designed to help folks manage the pitfalls and hurdles along the way during the public process.

How to Use Public Hearings to Beat Oil & Gas

Learn effective tools and strategies you can bring to your next public hearing. You’ll learn what you can accomplish with or without a lawyer — and you’ll even be able to bring your questions to a lawyer during this presentation.


  • Gillian Graber is the Executive Director for Protect PT
  • Ashley Funk, Community Organizer with Mountain Watershed Association
  • Ryan E. Hamilton Esq. with Hamilton Law, LLC
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