How to bring FLIR camera to your community

Last year Earthworks created over 250 videos documenting fracking pollution around the U.S. Through the Community Empowerment Project, Earthworks brings their FLIR Gasfinder 320 Optical Gas Imaging Camera to people living with oil & gas in their backyard.

Earthworks and Halt the Harm Network teamed up for this enlightening new webinar:

Using FLIR Cameras to Show Oil & Gas Air Pollution: Seeing is believing!

Earthworks Community Empowerment Project Manager Nadia Steinzor shows you how trained, certified technicians use FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) cameras to help oil & gas impacted communities, even during the Trump era, by making visible what is normally invisible air pollution.

FLIR cameras and the resulting videos are changing the conversation from “does oil & gas pollute our air” to “what are companies and governments doing to protect us from it.” By collecting and showing these videos to reporters and regulators we magnify the urgency and validity of our concerns — which can lead to real lasting protections.

These cameras are $100,000 each, which is one of the reasons Earthworks started the Community Empowerment Project — to bring the camera to communities who want to use it who might not have access to this technology otherwise.

So if you’re one of those people, the next time an industry representative says “everything is fine” you can actually show exactly what is happening without a doubt.

In the webinar, Nadia shares how infrared footage can be used, and how you can be part of the project and request a visit by an Earthworks certified FLIR technician.

For more information visit Halt the Harm Network

Watch the webinar now

Using FLIR Cameras to Show Oil & Gas Air Pollution: Seeing is believing!

More Earthworks videos:

Colorado Community Empowerment Project

Garfield County FLIR tour

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