TEDX webinar focuses on recent study

[Source: TEDX]

In March, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) released a breakthrough study linking EDCs with drilling and fracking operations.

Exploring the endocrine activity of air pollutants associated with unconventional oil and gas extraction

Many chemicals associated with unconventional oil and gas (UOG) activity are endocrine disruptors, including chemicals introduced during drilling and fracking as well as chemicals that come up from underground and show up in air emissions or wastewater.

In this new webinar, the study’s lead author Ashley Bolden, MS, discusses her recent review on the endocrine activity of chemicals detected in the air near unconventional oil and gas operations. She shares her results on the evidence of endocrine activity in frequently detected chemicals including changes in hormone activity as well as altered reproduction, development, and neurophysiological function, all endpoints which are modulated by hormones. She also identifies recommendations for future research.

View the webinar:  Exploring Endocrine Disrupting Air Pollutants near Unconventional Oil and Gas Sites

The webinar is available for viewing now. Watch it on the TEDX website, or you can view it on the TEDX YouTube channel and subscribe to receive notification of new webinars.

Ashley Bolden, MS, is a Senior Scientist at TEDX, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange. She has expertise in systematic review methods, endocrine disruption, and reproductive physiology. She is currently utilizing systematic review principles to evaluate scientific evidence that relates exposures to a wide variety of endocrine disrupting chemicals with health outcomes throughout all stages of the lifespan. Prior to working at TEDX, Ashley studied the impacts of waste-treated water on the reproductive behaviors and physiology in both wild and experimental fish models.

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