Pledge to Sign 2018 ballot initiative to protect communities from fracking

December 27, 2017

Colorado, oil and gas drilling

Pledge to sign

Pledge to sign an upcoming 2018 statewide ballot initiative petition to protect public health and safety from fracking by establishing 2,500 ft. buffer zones between oil and gas operations and occupied buildings such as homes and schools and other vulnerable areas such as water sources and playgrounds.

Health studies show negative adverse health impacts such as cancer and difficulty breathing within 1/2 mile from fracking operations.

For that reason, the distance between oil & gas facilities and neighborhoods needs to be increased. Right now fracking is permitted 500 feet from a home and 1,000 feet from a school! This is not safe and must change.

Author and Founder of, Bill McKibben said: “Countries around the world, and states around America, have banned fracking because of its health and environmental impacts. This ballot initiative merely asks for some common-sense guidelines. It’s hard to imagine that anyone really thinks we should be fracking so close to playgrounds, homes and schools.”

Please note that this is NOT THE ACTUAL BALLOT INITIATIVE. You will be contacted in February to let you know where to go sign the actual printed ballot initiative petitions, which must be done in person.

Click here to Pledge to Sign for sensible health and safety protections for our neighborhoods.

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