New FLIR videos from Front Range oil and gas sites

EnCana oil & gas site in Longmont, CO. Filmed January 27, 2016 [Photo by Earthworks]

The Earthworks Community Empowerment Project (formerly known as Citizens Empowerment Project) is a powerful tool that enables communities to use the best available technology to expose toxic fracking air pollution. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, Earthworks purchased a FLIR GasFinder 320 camera, the same kind used by industry and government agencies to detect leaks and chronic pollution.

Since late 2014, Earthworks ITC-certified staff members have travelled the country exposing oil and gas air polluting using the infrared camera. With help from FracTracker Alliance, they have mapped over 180 fracking-related sites in eight states.

Last month Earthworks thermographer filmed five oil & gas sites on the Front Range. Now you can view the videos here. Please note these videos do not show water vapor or smoke. At the end of this post is list of the chemicals that can be detected in the infrared videos.

The first video featured here has been influential in the recent uproar over toxic emissions from this site which is located next to Aspen Ridge Preparatory School.

Crestone Vessels Minerals Well Site, Weld County, CO
Crestone Peak Resources Vessels Minerals Well Site (40.033214, -105.051748)
Erie, Weld County, CO
Filmed 10/17/2017

Crestone Temporary Completion Area, Weld County, CO (Oct 2017)
Filmed 10/19/17
Crestone Peak Resources Temporary Completion Area Erie, Weld County, CO

Extraction Hippen UU 32-2 Well Site, Weld County, CO (Oct 2017)
Filmed 10/17/17
Extraction Oil & Gas Hippen UU 32-2 Well Site Erie, Weld County, CO

KerrMcGee Kramer 21-23 Well Site, Boulder County, CO
Filmed 10/17/17
Kerr McGee Kramer 21-23 Well Site (40.039166, -105.087612)

Weld 8 North LLC Morris 1-27 Well Site, Weld County, CO
Filmed 10/17 & 10/19/17
Weld 8 North LLC Morris 1-27 Well Site (40.017993, -105.094601)

If you are interested in bringing Earthworks Community Empowerment Project to your community click here to fill out the form and Earthworks will respond.

Click here for more videos in the Garfield County FLIR tour.
Click here for more infrared videos in the Colorado Community Empowerment Project.
Click here for more info on the Community Empowerment Project and the FLIR GF320 optical gas imaging camera.

All videos were filmed by a certified thermographer with an industry standard optical gas imaging camera, the FLIR GasFinder 320. The $100,000 camera is specially calibrated to detect methane and other VOCs, and is used by industry and regulators for that purpose.

Independent laboratory (third party) testing confirms that the FLIR Gasfinder Model GF 320 camera can see the following gases at the minimum detected leak rate (MDLR):

1-Pentene – 5.6g/hr
Benzene – 3.5g/hr
Butane -0.4g/hr
Ethane – 0.6g/hr
Ethanol – 0.7g/hr
Ethylbenzene – 1.5g/hr
Ethylene – 4.4g/hr
Heptane – 1.8g/hr
Hexane – 1.7g/hr
Isoprene – 8.1g/hr
MEK – 3.5g/hr
Methane – 0.8g/hr
Methanol – 3.8g/hr
MIBK – 2.1g/hr
Octane – 1.2g/hr
Pentane – 3.0g/hr
Propane – 0.4g/hr
Propylene – 2.9g/hr
SF6 (Sulfur Hexaflouride) – 0.026g/hr
Toluene – 3.8g/hr
Xylene – 1.9g/hr

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