Learn how to monitor impacts during drilling and fracking

September 7, 2017

oil and gas drilling, public health

As more and more Coloradans cope with drilling and fracking in their communities, they need tools to help them monitor the changes in air & water quality, and other environmental impacts.

Today citizens can learn more about their environmental exposures than ever before.

The chance to become a citizen scientist is just a click away with the Environmental Health Project’s (EHP) new Citizen Science Toolkit.

This Toolkit allows you to join a community of other Citizen Scientists, and the public health professionals at EHP, who actively monitor and address the environmental risks of unconventional oil and gas development, or fracking.

With this free Toolkit, you will learn how to:

  • Locate and document fracking activity in your community and around the region with the FracTracker tutorial
  • Keep track of short and long-term health symptoms
  • Use tools like the Speck air monitor and CATTfish water monitor
  • Plus many more steps to monitor, measure, and mitigate fracking exposures

The Toolkit also provides many helpful tips that you can use today to become more informed about your environment, as well as limit your exposure to potential risks, and protect your family and community from the harmful exposures of fracking.

Click here to download the Citizen Scientist Toolkit

By becoming a Citizen Scientist, you are protecting yourself and your family from the health risks related to fracking today. As a Citizen Scientist, you will contribute to a cause that will serve communities like yours for generations to come, as we work together to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

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