Battlement Mesa residents need your support

In case you haven’t heard, Battlement Mesa residents are facing a proposal from Ursa to construct an oil and gas waste injection well right next to the community’s water treatment facility.

This is a big threat to their drinking water and it’s very important that the Garfield County Planning and Zoning Commission hear from people in Battlement Mesa, and elsewhere in Garfield County. These commissioners rarely hear from large numbers of citizens and your comments are powerful.

Please drop by this Saturday, September 9, between 12:00 and 5:00 p.m. to record your video comments to submit to the Commission. Members of Battlement Concerned Citizens (BCC) will be at the Grand Valley Recreation Center Aspen (Craft) Room with information if you want to learn more first. Recording your comments means that you won’t need to drive to Glenwood Springs to testify. Recording your comments (maximum 3 minutes) will take 10 minutes or less, and videos will be submitted to the Commission and won’t be shared anywhere else.

More on Ursa’s proposal

Rarely in Colorado has a company tried to put a wastewater site so close to a community’s drinking water. The injection well would take water produced during Ursa Operating company’s fracking — carrying many hazardous and unknown chemicals — to this injection well directly beside our water intake and treatment, and within 1,000 feet of many homes.

Construction will require large machinery traffic, frequent drilling, light pollution, and other construction activities.

The well will be drilled on Ursa’s proposed “A Pad” location — a location that must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and Garfield Board of County Commissioners before going ahead. These two permitting authorities need to hear from the people.

Battlement Concerned Citizens is taking a reasonable but principled stand that the company must move the injection well further from their water supply and their homes to a location outside of the town’s PUD boundaries.

BCC have prepared talking points: Important Talking Points on Phase II Permits.

Unfortunately, the Planning and Zoning Commission refused to move their September 13 hearing on the proposal closer to Battlement Mesa. Instead hearing will be held 45 miles away in Glenwood Springs at 7:00 p.m. — a long drive at an inconvenient time for seniors and working families. All of which is complicated by severe traffic congestion caused by the current Grand Avenue Bridge project.

Please join Battlement Concerned Citizens this Saturday, September 9, between 12:00 and 5:00 p.m. at the Grand Valley Recreation Center to record your video comments or learn more.

If you are planning to attend the Planning and Zoning Commission hearing on Wednesday, September 13, it is very important that the Commissioners see citizens willing to make the trip to voice their concerns. Please contact Dave for carpool options and other information at 303-594-1066. The hearing will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Glenwood Springs District Administration Building, 109 8th St., Glenwood Springs.

A site tour by the Planning and Zoning Commission will be held in Battlement Mesa on Tuesday, September 12. If you are interested in joining several locals to observe the tour, please contact Dave at 303-594-1066.

Important Talking Points on Phase II Permits

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One Comment on “Battlement Mesa residents need your support”

  1. Bob Says:

    And then it came to pass, the company of the desert said, “Gather around, for thou shalt be safe in our fold!” And they dug a well, nay 3 wells, for testing of their skill penetrating steel in to the bowels of the earth. But despite the parting of the earth to be clean and pure, lo and behold, the gas and crap, did foul the wells and darkness was upon them of the desert. This according to the gospel of the mighty COGCC.

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