Gas leak discovered in De Beque home

Minter Avenue, site of major gas leak in a home, is the main drag in De Beque, CO

The COGCC is investigating another gas leak in a home. This time it’s in De Beque on the West Slope.

The Daily Sentinel reported that Xcel Energy noticed the leak on May 15, while surveying for possible leaks. The leak was found in the crawlspace of a home on Minter Avenue. The gas did not contain mercaptan, the chemical added to natural gas that makes it smell like rotten eggs. When the gas was first discovered the levels were explosive, and high levels of methane were also detected outside the home. There have been no reports of elevated gas levels in any other homes in the area.

However gas was found in an abandoned water well located in an alley less than two blocks from the home. COGCC engineers are working on plugging that well.

Test results showed that the gas in the home and in the water well is thermogenic, which means it was formed underground. COGCC investigators think it’s possible the gas is the result of a “natural phenomenon.”

The family decided not to evacuate the home. A ventilation system is keeping gas levels below combustible levels.

Free gas monitors are being distributed by the De Beque Fire Protection District. The monitors were provided by the West Slope Oil & Gas Association, Chevron, Laramie Energy, and Caerus Oil & Gas.

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State investigating source of gas at De Beque home

Natural gas monitors are being made available to residents in De Beque after the discovery at a home of high levels of gas that may have originated from shallow underground geological formations.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is investigating the incident, involving a home on Minter Avenue, and whether it may be related to oil and gas development or possible natural migration of what’s sometimes called stray gas to the surface.

Investigators also have found gas in and around an abandoned water well dating back before the 1950s in an alley within two blocks of the home, and are in the process of permanently plugging that well …

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