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December 10, 2016

climate change


A month has passed since the election and I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted. Each day brings fresh horror as Orange Hitler packs his cabinet with a cadre of retired generals, billionaires and captains of industry who breed contempt for the very agencies they will oversee. The flag-burning-free-speech-SNL-bashing twitter rants, the fake news, 3-million-illegal-voters crap all seem like headlines from The Onion.

After the election I put the blog on hiatus and we took the grandkids to Disneyworld. It was supposed to be a celebration of the first woman ever elected President of the United States, but then …

Alas, we sucked it up, donned our mouse ears and went anyway — in spite of our inconsolable grief.

Spending Thanksgiving in the Mouse House surrounded by the wonders of imagination, masses of humanity, and the smell of cotton candy mixed with diesel exhaust helped me put things in perspective. This is just plain GOOFY.

goofyThen I came home and got sick. Turns out my immune system can’t handle that much exposure to masses of humanity. Being sick led to watching way too much cable news and Facebook and my post-election funk seeped back in.

Last weekend’s triumph at Standing Rock with the thousands of Veterans (last count almost 4,000!) showing up and the Army Corps’ decision to delay approval of DAPL, brought a twinkling of hope. I strung Christmas lights.

Then on Thursday I watched Hillary’s speech at the portrait unveiling in honor of retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, and I cried like a baby all over again.

Friday’s news that the FERC denied a rehearing on Jordan Cove was like a gi-normous Christmas present dropped from the sky, one side landing in Oregon and the other in Colorado. FERC’s final death blow to Jordan Cove was so totally unexpected that it’s almost too big to fathom. What is certain is that on December 9, 2016, Oregon and Colorado were given the gift of hope.

When I lay it all out here, it reads like an emotional roller coaster. No wonder I’m exhausted

As I write this, cable news is in total chaos.

The Washington Post reports: “The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system.”

I told you so.

Exxon’s Rex Tillerson is expected to be named Secretary of State. He’s best known for his cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin. We all remember good ol’ Rex as the Exxon Mobil CEO who joined in a lawsuit in 2014, to stop construction of a fracking water tower near his luxury horse ranch estate in Denton County, Texas. Tillerson even spoke up at a local town council meeting saying that he and his wife had moved to the area for its rural lifestyle and had invested millions of dollars in their horse ranch. Tillerson said he didn’t want the fracking tower built near his estate because the noise, dust, and heavy truck traffic would disturb his horses and lower his property values. Such a man of the people. We all related to his plight at the time.

Oh, and did I mention that Trump is planning to be President and at the same time Executive Producer of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice”?

Good grief.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The news triggers anxiety attacks where it feels like my hair’s on fire. I suspect I’m not alone in my hysteria.

The status of the recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania is a freaking mess, and so is our election system.

Hillary now leads the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes, or a 2.1% margin of victory. Don’t pay any attention to the pundits who say Hillary isn’t gaining many votes in the recount. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter. National Vote Tracker is not yet registering vote tallies from the recounts. Regular votes are still being counted in some states.

These are the latest numbers from National Vote Tracker:
Hillary – 65,746,544
Trump – 62,904,682

As much as I want to believe this corporate takeover of the highest office in the land can be stopped I also remember vividly the Bush/Cheney takeover in 2000. Our chances of stopping an Orange Hitler presidency are slim to none. We desperately need a miracle.

I never accepted the legitimacy of the Bush presidency and I won’t accept Orange Hitler either.

Winter is coming …

On the environmental front, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt was nominated to head the EPA.

NPR reports: “As attorney general, Pruitt has made no secret of his disdain for the EPA.”

His official biography calls him “a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.” He has repeatedly challenged the agency’s rules in court, and he has even sued the EPA for an allegedly cozy “sue and settle” relationship with environmentalists. One profile noted that Pruitt would sue the federal government “every chance he can get.”

After the announcement the transition team promptly issued a list of 74 questions to Energy Department officials asking them to identify which department employees and contractors have worked on the international climate pact as well as efforts to reduce domestic carbon output. The questionnaire requests a list of those individuals who have taken part in international climate talks over the past five years and “which programs within DOE are essential to meeting the goals of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.”

We don’t know why the Trump team is asking those questions but it does raise the specter that they aren’t just looking to purge the federal government of political appointees who accept the realities of climate change, but also to do the same with the career civil servants who keep the departments running.

One concerned DOE employee (who understandably remained anonymous) told the Washington Post, “With some of these questions, it feels more like an inquisition than a question, in terms of going after career employees who have been here through Bush years to Clinton, and up to now.”


The arrival of winter is of course inevitable. So is climate change. Just as we prepare for winter and do our best to stave off the harshest effects of the season, we continue to do the same in our battle to slow climate change.

That battle will become more intense in the coming months and years, then again we always knew it would.

Let’s face it, in the words of Ansel Adams:


During the past 8 years, to our credit we have bolstered old strategies and adopted new ones in our neverending efforts to protect public health and our environment. Our numbers have grown and our support now comes from all over the world.

At the same time we went nose-to-nose with the Obama Administration, we did so empowered by his own words:

New EPA and BLM rules targeting methane emissions from oil & gas development, plus recent actions by the Obama Administration to protect public lands from drilling and mining are clear signals that our efforts have not been in vain.

The past 8 years with President Obama have taught us well. So — thanks Obama!

These victories at Standing Rock and Jordan Cove give me hope. In my Native American soul I always believed that the movement to end fossil fuels and the demand for renewable energy would come as a groundswell from the people. And so now that time has come. The people are with us. We are the people.

Worry over the potential horrors that await us in the Orange Hitler future will only serve to paralyze us. Better to live in the now and fight a future that has not yet happened.

Don’t believe the propaganda.

Spread the truth.

Question authority.

Raise awareness.

Never surrender.


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