Earthworks launches Oil and Gas Threat Map

PRESS RELEASEToday, Earthworks and their partners launched a groundbreaking new tool that documents every oil and gas well in the United States, in addition to many of the compressor stations and processing plants.

Nothing like this has ever been compiled before. Earthworks took publicly available and privately held data to create the most comprehensive, searchable fracking threat map ever created.

The Oil & Gas Threat Map shows health risk from oil and gas air pollution in two different ways:

The Map reminds us that the threat, as well as the people at risk, are very real by:

  • Within each individual state, allows you to search for your home or school to find out if you’re at elevated risk for exposure to this pollution.
  • Showing infrared videos of normally invisible pollution from oil and gas operations.
  • Showing interviews with people impacted by this pollution.

Earthworks members and friends helped make this possible by contributing their stories and lending their time to help document the pollution on the ground.

Thanks to the members of the Garfield County Citizens Empowerment Project — you know who you are — who dedicated your time and talents to help Earthworks Pete Dronkers obtain the FLIR videos for the Garfield County FLIR Tour. The data that resulted from your efforts contributed to the development of this valuable new tool. You continue to make an impact.


Interactive Map Shows Where Toxic Air Pollution From Oil and Gas Industry Is Threatening 12.4 Million Americans

Two leading national environmental groups—Clean Air Task Force (CATF) and Earthworks—unveiled a suite of tools Wednesday designed to inform and mobilize Americans about the health risks from toxic air pollution from the oil and gas industry.

For the first time, Americans across the country—from Washington County, Pennsylvania, to Weld County, Colorado to Kern County, California—can access striking new community-level data on major health risks posed by oil and gas operations across the country …


Colorado PolsMillions in U.S. at Elevated Health Risk from Oil and Gas

Over twelve million Americans are at increased risk of cancer and other adverse health impacts from oil and gas development according to a new report that reviews current peer-reviewed science and health studies, and a new mapping tool that allows potentially impacted residents to gauge threat risk …

… The report comes out as petitions are in the field regarding several ballot measures that would restrict where and how oil and gas development can occur in Colorado. It also comes on the heels of the Colorado released findings from its own air quality study in Garfield County. That study which looked at emissions during well drilling and completion of new wells found the highest level of air pollutants, including known carcinogens, during the “flowback” stage of well completion …


Find your home and see if you are in the threat radius. Then share it with your friends, family and neighbors.

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