FERC postpones Jordan Cove rehearing decision

CALNG jordan cove denied

Breaking_NewsToday the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an Order Granting Rehearings for Further Consideration (the “Order”) in response to the request for rehearings submitted on April 8, 2016, by Jordan Cove Energy Project and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline.

Click here to read the FERC Order.

Basically the Order, referred to as a tolling order, notes that the rehearings were requested in a timely manner and the Commission will take more time to consider the request. The FERC does not give a new deadline. The FERC will grant or deny the requests for rehearing in a future order. The FERC will take no further questions.

In an email to From the Styx, Citizens Against LNG Executive Director Jody McCaffree said, “I am relieved that the FERC Order denying the Jordan Cove project remains in full effect while the FERC takes more time to consider Jordan Cove and Wyoming’s Rehearing Requests. I fully expect the FERC to hold to their original Order that has correctly denied the ill-conceived Jordan Cove project.”

FERC extends Jordan Cove decision deadline

COOS BAY — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will take more time to make a decision on whether to rehear Pacific Connector and Jordan Cove’s permit applications to build an a gas pipeline and LNG terminal.

Monday’s order stated “in order to afford additional time for consideration of the matters raised or to be raised, rehearing of the Commission’s order is hereby granted for the limited purpose of further consideration, and timely-filed rehearing requests will not be deemed denied by operation of law.”

No timeline was given as to when a decision would be made.

Following FERC’s March 11 order denying the permit applications, Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector filed a request for rehearing on April 8.

FERC had the options of granting the request, denying the request, taking no action, which would have acted as a denial, or today’s course of action to extend the deadline.

While it is unknown when a decision will be made, Jordan Cove LNG spokesperson called Monday’s announcement a positive.

“This gives us more time to solidify the agreements they were seeking,” Hinrich said. “They haven’t confirmed a deadline, but we’ll be continually getting them more information as we move forward.”

The Order does not say the Commission will accept any additional information.

One of the major issues FERC cited in its initial denial was the lack of evidence to support market demands.

To date, Jordan Cove has reached preliminary agreements for 50 percent of the proposed plant’s liquefaction capacity and with the extension, Hinrichs said Jordan Cove will be working towards shoring up agreements for the remaining capacity.

“That is what we are working toward and you can expect more announcements not only from the customer side, but from the pipeline,” Hinrichs said.

Say what? They only have preliminary agreements for 50 percent of the LNG plant’s capacity? Three weeks ago they announced at the Energy & Environment Symposium in Rifle that they had “contractual subscriptions” and “binding agreements” for 77% of capacity.

It’s disappointing to see Coos Bay’s local newspaper The World giving press to more Jordan Cove propaganda. Coos Bay is the community that would be most impacted by the project. Instead of giving Jordan Cove’s mouthpiece Hinrich a bullhorn, The World reporter Devan Patel ought to be asking Hinrich to provide evidence of these “preliminary agreements.” Patel should contact JERA Co., ITOCHU Corp., Macquerie Energy, and Avista Corp. — the companies that have these alleged preliminary agreements or contractual subscriptions or binding agreements with Veresen, the Pacific Pipeline contractor, and ask them for verification.

But he won’t. Because it’s all a ruse. A scam.

The Jordan Cove proponents – including the politicians and the industry, most of them are listed below – are using propaganda to create an artificial and misleading appearance that there is a market for liquefied natural gas. Investors are counting on LNG exports to pull the natural gas market out of its death spiral. Whether or not Jordan Cove lives or dies, they need to pump money – and lots of it – back into the market. With the help of Coos Bay’s The World Newspaper and Grand Junction’s The Daily Sentinel, they promote an artificial market for liquefied natural gas which in turn drives up long-term market speculation in the oil & gas sector.

It’s called market manipulation.


The Daily Sentinel: Jordan Cove may get another shot
Feds suspend deadline for comments

A project that could export natural gas from the Piceance Basin to the Pacific Rim isn’t dead yet.

Which isn’t to say that the Jordan Cove project is comfortably off life support …


Jordan Cove’s fracking fanatics —

U.S. Senators: John Barrasso, Cory Gardner, Mike Enzi, Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee, Michael Bennet

U.S. House of Representatives: Cynthia Lummis, Scott Tipton, Doug Lamborn, Mike Coffman, Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, Jason Chaffetz, Ken Buck, Mia Love

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Colorado Senators: Ray Scott, Randy Baumgardner

Colorado Representatives: Yeullin Willett, Dan Thurlow, Bob Rankin

Garfield County Commissioners: John Martin, Tom Jankovsky, Mike Samson

Mesa County Commissioners: Scott McInnis, John Justman, Rose Pugliese

Rio Blanco County Commissioners: Jeff Eskelson, Shawn Bolton, Jon Hill

Aron Diaz, Town of Silt Trustee and Republican candidate for Garfield County Commissioner

TJ Tucker, Town of Silt Trustee

Phyllis Norris, Mayor of Grand Junction

AGNC – Associated Governments of Northwestern Colorado

WSCOGA – West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association

Club 20

Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce

Grand Junction Economic Partnership

Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties

The Daily Sentinel — Grand Junction

City of Rifle, Colorado

Oil & gas operators: FRAM, Caerus, Encana, Genesis Gas and Oil, Gunnison Energy, Laramie Energy, SG Interests, Shear Inc., Ursa

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6 Comments on “FERC postpones Jordan Cove rehearing decision”

  1. Wim de Vriend Says:

    Actually, Peggy, The World has been evenhanded – I would say very good – about publishing pieces by Jordan Cove’s opposition. I myself have been able to publish numerous op-eds on the topic; feel free to search The World with my name, and you’ll see. Several other opponents have been accommodated too, although one would-be op-ed writer was refused because the editor thought he lacked expertise. But he would still have been able to publish a letter; The World prints all letters. Letters are 400 words max, but op-eds can be twice as long.

    You should also bear in mind that these are hard days for newspapers, especially in small towns. So they can’t very well go too far out editorially, one way or the other.

    It will be interesting to see – should, God forbid, Jordan Cove be built – if that really helps gas sales from Colorado and Wyoming, for the promotion of which all these politicians have been writing to FERC. Jordan Cove has permits to import more Canadian gas than the terminal would need.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    I don’t consider allowing op-ed pieces and LTEs to be evenhanded journalism. I consider it the least they can do and it serves as political cover for them in the community (we publish both sides!). Both newspapers are running articles based on information fed to them by Jordan Cove proponents. They are accepting these claims of agreements at face value and have conducted no investigations into whether there is any there there.

    OR, they HAVE looked into the claims and they KNOW there’s nothing to back them up but – like you say – times are hard so they opt out of holding corporate feet to the fire and exposing the scam.

    As for the gas sale market improving in CO and WY if Jordan Cove is approved – it won’t. And again, that’s my point, the politicians and industry in CO and WY aren’t promoting Jordan Cove in hopes of improving gas sales, they are doing it to boost long-term speculation in a failing O&G market in hopes that it will stop the hemorrhaging and keep the hangers-on afloat for a few more months.

  3. Wim de Vriend Says:

    The World has ALSO published editorials of their own, explaining why Coos Bay lacks the potential to become a center of industry. That’s blasphemy and heresy to the local oligarchy that has promoted Jordan Cove. The World has also featured front-page articles about Jordan Cove’s possible demise, quoting Art Berman who pooh-poohed Jordan Cove’s claims of having contracts; and they have run editorials asking what could be done once Jordan Cove has died. All those things, I assure you, would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. So we’ve made progress. Maybe not as much progress as we’d like, but still progress.

    With regard to the latest moves by JC and its allies being intended to boost their stock: that we have certainly seen before. Small towns are always vulnerable to stock swindlers and promoters with spiels about jobs and tax revenues.

  4. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Ok Wim, I’ll take your word for it and give The World the benefit of the doubt. But I won’t be so generous with The Daily Sentinel. They’ve been a mouthpiece for WSCOGA, Bennet, Hickenlooper and the rest of the fracking fanatics.

  5. Bob Arrington Says:

    The drillers on the Western Slope are seeing the wells decline rapidly and the charade of over drilling to keep the production numbers going up is exposed. A ponzi scheme to keep new investment flowing with a cost greater than return can eventually pay. Companies will slip into the dark with a bankruptcy and last in the pool will take the beating.

  6. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Jody McCaffree asked me to post this comment for her:

    “I have to agree with Peggy that this particular story by the World in Coos Bay did not do today’s FERC announcement justice. They promoted Jordan Cove’s spin as if it was fact. If Jordan Cove has Preliminary Agreements why hasn’t anyone actually seen them? Today’s announcement by the FERC is a commonly used extension. The Order said nothing about the FERC accepting additional data.”

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