Tell CO Legislature to decommission COGCC

April 21, 2016

COGCC, Colorado

Take action!

Tell the Colorado Legislature to decommission the COGCC

Renewables NOW!

350 colorado thumbPlease join 350 Colorado and partner organizations in sending a message to our state legislators calling for decommissioning the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and ending the COGCC’s betrayal of public trust, health, safety and well-being while accommodating the oil and gas industry’s demands to place toxic, climate-disruptive, dangerous industrial fracking facilities in our communities.

Click here to send a letter to your state Legislators now!

Please urge friends to do the same!

The State of Colorado should be actively protecting public health and safety from the dangerous impacts of fracking, but the agency responsible for doing that — the COGCC — has proven again and again that it gives priority to its mission to foster “the efficient exploration and production of oil and gas resources” with far less concern for doing so “in a manner consistent with the protection of public health, safety and welfare.”

With its most recent proposed rules, the COGCC has again proven that it refuses to act on behalf of the people of Colorado, and so has forfeited its legitimacy as a public agency:

  • The COGCC continues to facilitate the placement of hazardous, polluting fracking operations near homes and schools, subjecting communities to the risk of toxic emissions, spills, and explosions.
  • The COGCC continues to deny local communities the ability to regulate, restrict or refuse the siting of fracking operations near homes.
  • The COGCC continues to 1) fail to require the industry to use optimal “best management practices” at every fracking site;  2) allow waivers of rules and fines on fracking operators;  3) force mineral rights owners to lease or forfeit their holdings against their will.

Please take action now!

Ask your state legislator to decommission the COGCC and replace it with one or more agencies charged with:

  1. Protecting Coloradans and our environment from the harmful impacts of oil and gas production.
  2. Fostering a swift transition to 100% renewable energy production in Colorado. The Solutions Project provides good guidance for this transition.
  3. Urge friends to do the same!

Only by replacing the COGCC and creating new agencies defending our health and fostering Colorado’s swift transition to 100% renewable energy can we protect the public and protect our climate from irrevocable harm.

Thanks for taking action!

Micah Parkin, 350 Colorado
Anne Butterfield, Clean Energy Action
Justin Garoutte, Conejos Clean Water
Karen Dike, Coloradans Against Fracking
Sam Schabacker, Food and Water Watch
Razz Gormley, Frack Free Colorado
Emma Bray, Kids Against Fracking
Kaye Fissinger, Our Health, Our Future, Our Longmont
Sharon Carlisle, Protect Our Loveland
Jim Brett, Slow Food Western Slope
Laura van der Pol, 350 Colorado Springs
Sophie McVicker, 350 at CSU
Kevin Nelson, 350 Denver
Shelby Robinson, 350 Fort Collins
Betty Harris, 350 South Metro Denver
Peggy Tibbetts, From the Styx

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