Hey Colorado! Oregon needs our help

CALNG jordan cove denied


Speak up for private property rights and against Jordan Cove!

Breaking news –

Jody McCaffree, Executive Director of Oregon’s Citizens Against LNG, reports to From the Styx that Colorado politicians and natural gas promoters are putting pressure on the FERC to reconsider the Pacific Connector pipeline and Jordan Cove project:

“They are currently flooding the FERC library with supporters from Colorado. FERC needs to know that not all the people in Colorado are in support of this. It would be great if opponents from Colorado could weigh in also in the FERC process for Jordan Cove and let FERC know that despite what some of these bought and paid for politicians are saying, the people do not want more fracking or the Jordan Cove project.”

Excerpt from Citizens Against LNG comment urging the FERC to hold to their Order to Deny the Jordan Cover Project:

“[W]e do not believe Jordan Cove after 12 years of trying has demonstrated that their project serves a public interest that outweighs the negative economic, environmental and safety impacts the proposed project would inflict on landowners, community members and businesses that have been and would be negatively impacted by the project. Jordan Cove is a foreign controlled “private” energy company; it is not a public utility and should not be given the right of eminent domain.

“We encourage the FERC to hold to their Order that correctly denies this project.”

Click here to read the full comment from Citizens Against LNG filed on April 11, 2016.

Stop Colorado push to resurrect Jordan Cove Project


Private property owners in Oregon need our help!

Please send your comment today!

How to e-Comment:

  • Click here to go to the FERC quick comments page.
  • Fill out your name, address, and email.
  • FERC will send you an e-mail – “Click on the link in the e-mail.“
  • Enter each one of these two Docket numbers and click search: CP13-492-000;  CP13-483-000
  • When the Docket number comes up click “Select” (red cross button is to the right of screen).
  • Both Docket numbers should appear at the top of the Comment box. If you make a mistake in docket numbers you can hit the remove button and re-enter the numbers.
  • “Type your Comment” in the comment box. (6,000 characters or less) ” Be sure to include your name and/or address also in the comment box along with your comment.
  • Click “Send Comment” at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your e-comment.

How to view other public comments:

  • Click here to access the FERC e-library general search page.
  • In the rectangle beside Docket Number enter either of these numbers: CP13-492;  CP13-483
  • A screen will come up showing the list of dates and names of commenters. Click on “PDF” to the right to view each comment.

For more information:

Stop Colorado push to resurrect Jordan Cove Project

Will Jordan Cove pipedream be resurrected?

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