BOCC hearings scheduled for Ursa’s Battlement Mesa applications

There are two Garfield County commissioners hearings scheduled back-to-back December 15 and 16, the first one in Battlement Mesa and a second hearing in Glenwood Springs.

Battlement Mesa BOCC meetingBattlement Concerned Citizens (BCC) will open a hospitality room at 8:00 a.m. before the December 15th meeting. Meet up with Battlement Mesa residents for juice, coffee, donuts/muffins and conversation.

A BOCC site visit is scheduled for noon on Friday, December 4. Everyone will meet at the Town Center Plaza, 71 Sipprelle Drive, in Battlement Mesa. This is a public meeting and an audio recording will be made. The plan calls for stops at the B pad and the D pad then a tour along the pipeline route. Q&A will only be allowed between the commissioners and the applicant. The public may observe and listen.

Aspen Public Radio aired this up close and personal two-part series recently about the plight of the residents —

Battlement residents prepare for Commissioners’ review of Ursa proposal

With drilling proposed, Battlement residents say they feel trapped

This editorial appeared last week in the Post Independent

Deck stacked against Battlement, other oil and gas neighbors

Let’s stand with our friends and neighbors in Battlement Mesa!

You can help protect Battlement Mesa from oil and gas development. Become a member of Grand Valley Citizens Alliance or make a donation to help protect Battlement Mesa — or both! Click here to make your donation.

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3 Comments on “BOCC hearings scheduled for Ursa’s Battlement Mesa applications”

  1. Elise Thatcher Says:

    Thanks for mentioning our stories, Peggy! I haven’t heard much feedback, so I’ll be curious what folks think. Perhaps I’ll see you on the 14th and 15th. Are you planning on recording the site visit on the 4th?

    Sincerely, Elise

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Elise, I don’ speak for the BM folks but I do know they appreciate when the media tells their story because this is not just a matter of mineral rights. It’s a matter of human rights. The site visit will be recorded by the county clerk’s office as a matter of record since it’s a public meeting. I can’t go any mtgs in BM, doctor’s orders. I have a bad reaction to drilling chemicals.

  3. Fiona Lloyd Says:

    “Q&A will only be allowed between the commissioners and the applicant. The public may observe and listen.”

    Ah yes, public meetings! Where the public may be seen but not heard. The very essence of democracy!

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