Battlement residents take it to the streets

Battlement Mesa residents and supporters gathered outside the Garfield County Administration Building before the planning commission meeting on October 28 to protest Ursa’s plans to drill 53 wells on 2 well pads in their community. Ordinary citizens grabbed signs and transformed into protesters as they peacefully paraded in front of the Administration Building and marched along 8th Street between Pitkin Avenue and Grand Avenue. A group of protesters at the stoplight on Grand Avenue were greeted with cheers and honks in support of their message: “No energy booms in our living rooms!” Protesters opened the doors of the Administration Building and shouted at the Ursa reps, and county staff and commissioners corralled inside the chambers: “Our health counts! Our votes count! No drilling!”

Battlement Mesa residents and supporters took to the streets of Glenwood Springs to win the hearts and minds of their friends and neighbors. How many? It’s hard to say. As with any respectable protest march for a just cause, the numbers grew steadily as more people arrived to join the protest. Certainly less than 50 people, but numbers don’t matter. What matters is the message. And the Battlement Mesa residents broadcast their message loud and clear: “No drilling in our community!”

This is only the beginning. So if you missed out this time, no worries, they’ll be back! Next time, join us. We had a lot of fun!

The meeting was expected to last late into the night. Stay tuned for more news …

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