Koch Bros’ oily fingerprints all over Leeds research

Koch_Brothers_Voodoo_DollBoulder Weekly and Greenpeace teamed up for an investigation based on thousands of documents obtained by Greenpeace USA. They’re calling it “frackademia.” A new word to add to our frack-tionary.

Investigative reporter Joel Dyer’s 10,000-word exposé, Behind the Curtain reveals an ongoing partnership between the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business and the Common Sense Policy Roundtable (CSPR). Turns out CSPR is a front group with connections to Koch Industries, American Petroleum Institute, Encana, and others.

The University of Colorado placed itself in the middle of a syndicate of Colorado power brokers heavily tied to oil and gas companies, the PR firms representing them, and fake grassroots organizations — “astroturf groups” — gotta love that term.

The network of high stakes players is displayed in the LittleSis map created by Greenpeace USA researcher Jesse Coleman. You will find it in his article:

University of Colorado Part of Fracking PR Scheme

An investigation by Greenpeace and the Boulder Weekly has found troubling ties between the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado public relations firms working on behalf of the fracking industry and the Koch brothers.

The controversy centers on the partnership between the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and the Common Sense Policy Roundtable (CSPR), a front group funded by the oil and gas industry.

This partnership was formed to produce economic studies that benefit the fracking industry’s PR strategy. CSPR paid the university to host the studies and fully controlled the priorities of the researchers.

Documents obtained by Greenpeace reveal that the studies were conceived of, edited and strategically used by PR firms to influence fracking policy in Colorado, yet CSPR’s financial ties to the oil and gas industry were not disclosed to the media or in the published studies. The studies provided seemingly third-party validation for the oil industry’s attack on environmental regulations ..

Below are links to Joel Dyer’s vast exposé at Boulder Weekly and a link to the seven influence maps. Happy reading!

Behind the Curtain: An inside look at the oil & gas industry/Republican ‘REDPRINT’ for turning Colorado from Blue to Red

Part 1

Part 2

Link to influence maps

For the deep background into this story, read:

Who killed the vote on fracking?
Why Colorado’s anti-fracking measures were not supported by Democrats and environmental groups
October 2, 2014

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