COGCC announced rulemaking hearings …

on the same day as the first meeting!

cogcc logoGovernor’s Task Force Rulemaking
Published: 07/07/2015
The Commission is holding outreach meetings across the state to solicit input from local governments and other stakeholders regarding the rulemaking to implement Recommendation 17 and Recommendation 20.

July 7 — 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m at, Encana Oil and Gas, 370 17th Street, Suite 1700. Denver
Hosted by Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA), Colorado Petroleum Association (CPA), and American Petroleum Institute (API)

July 22 — 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m at, The Chateau of Fox Meadows, 13600 Xavier Lane, Broomfield
Hosted by city and county of Broomfield

July 28 — 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. at Brighton City Hall, 500 S. Fourth St., Brighton
Hosted by city of Brighton

July 29 — 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. at Grand River Health Conference Facility, 501 Airport Road, Rifle
Hosted by Garfield County

August 3 — 5:30 to 8:00 p.m at, Greeley Administration Building, 11550 O St., Greeley
Hosted by Weld County

August 6 – TBD at La Plata County Administration Building, 1101 E. 2nd Ave., Durango
Hosted by LaPlata County

I am on the COGCC mailing list and I did not receive an announcement about these meetings.

Please note that the first meeting, which was announced on the same day of the meeting, was hosted by the oil & gas industry giving them a leg up on the rulemaking process.

Industry gets first crack at shaping new Colorado oil, gas rules
State kicks off series of meetings about new regs that give local governments more power by hearing from drillers

Colorado’s oil and gas industry had the first crack Tuesday at offering input to state regulators on how to implement the two most sweeping recommendations from the governor’s oil and gas task force.

The recommendations aim to involve local government in planning and siting large-scale oil and gas facilities.

The about 30 industry representatives who attended the meeting stressed keeping the approach clear and flexible and relying on existing rules where possible ….

… “We need to be hearing all sides before we put pen to paper,” said state Department of Natural Resources director Mike King …

… One recommendation calls for drillers to consult with local government before siting a large oil and gas facility in more populated areas.

If they cannot agree, the issue can be submitted to mediation. And if that does not work the oil and gas commission makes the final determination.

Industry representatives expressed concern over how long the process can take.

“It takes as long as it takes,” commission executive director Matt Lepore said. “It your call when to pull the plug.”

The group also discussed how to define a large oil facility.

The number of tanks, the amount of traffic were raised as measures.

Perry Pearce, a task force member and government affairs manager for ConocoPhillips, suggested the basics — the number of wells and production volume — were the best measures.

Lepore also said the commission is considering new rules for noise and visual mitigation for these large sites.

“It is clear that these large facilities of four to 44 wells are different,” said task force member Matt Sura, a community oil and gas attorney, who did not attend the meeting. “Their impacts are so intense they need to be treated differently.”

The second recommendation calls for drillers to provide an estimate of their reserves and a five-year projection of their drilling activity to help with municipal planning.

Ken Wonstolen, a senior vice president at Bill Barrett Corp., said reserves can be tough to measure, but that drillers could make much of the other information available.

Coloradans Against Fracking issued this statement: “The time for action is now! The time to raise your voice is now! Please join Coloradans Against Fracking in asking family, friends and neighbors to attend and raise our voices in unison in saying NO to more meaningless regulation and rulemaking. We encourage all of our member groups and others to reach out to their networks and plan to attend and/or rally at meeting near you.”

So, because we have nothing better to do during our brief Colorado summers, beginning with the Ursa meeting next week we can attend oil & gas meetings for the next 4 weeks.

Hmm … tight schedules, short notice. Oh, and no word on whether written comments will be accepted. I get the distinct impression the COGCC is not all that interested in what we have to say and don’t really care if we show up.

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4 Comments on “COGCC announced rulemaking hearings …”

  1. Barbara Coddington Says:

    Peggy, will you please remind me again about the meeting the 29th…the 26 or so. Are you going?

    Thanks Barb

  2. frackfiles Says:

    When will the Governor, COGCC Director, Colorado Public Health, Air Quality Commission, Industry, get the fact that we want a independent “Health Impact Assessment” completed to document potential health impacts??

  3. frackfiles Says:

    What the Governors Task Force did was provide lip service to concerned citizens. All the time and energy accomplished nothing for people who live and work in the gas and oil fields of Colorado.

  4. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Barb, I’m a definite “maybe” for July 29.

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