Controlled cattail burn rescheduled for March 17

March 13, 2015

controlled burn, Silt

Partial view of wetlands in downtown Silt between Kum & Go and Inter-Mountain storage units.

Partial view of wetlands in downtown Silt between Kum & Go and Inter-Mountain storage units.

There will be fireworks of a different sort on St. Patrick’s Day in Silt. Come hell or high water — I’m betting on hell — the town is going to burn those damn cattails.

Here is the latest update from Chief Burris:

Peggy, following yesterday’s meeting and conference call with the State Division of Wild land Fire Management, the town of Silt has received their Smoke permit and all necessary compliance with the policies and regulations to move forward with the prescribed burn in the cattail area east of Kum and Go. This is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday March 17th in the early afternoon. The forecast for weather and ventilation is optimum on that date. Again, if we do not have the necessary conditions to allow this to occur with the least impact, we will not burn. Right now this appears to be the best window of opportunity. We should know definitively on Monday morning when we have the most current and tightest window regarding Tuesdays forecast. This is the most current status report regarding this. Levy Burris

I’m not complaining or anything but —

This is the third scheduled controlled cattail burn and the third time we’ve made reservations at the Hotel Glenwood Springs, whose reservationists have been really swell throughout this ordeal. Not once during the 3 reservations and 2 cancellations have I been asked if this is some kind of joke.

I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled in Rifle at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Luckily I was able to reschedule it for Monday morning.

My grandson will miss a day of kindergarten. But that’s okay. Kindergarteners only go 2 days a week in Silt. So it’s not like real school. Luckily my granddaughter goes to school in New Castle so she’ll be safe there.

And not to mention the work schedules that have to be rearranged.

This feels like a form of slow torture. I’m sure there’s a name for it. I just don’t know what it is. So I’ll call it slow motion fire torture.

It’s going to be an ugly St. Patrick’s Day in Silt.


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