Controlled cattail burn delayed

March 11, 2015

controlled burn, Silt

Partial view of wetlands in downtown Silt between Kum & Go and Inter-Mountain storage units.

Partial view of wetlands in downtown Silt between Kum & Go and Inter-Mountain storage units.

The controlled cattail burn in Silt will not happen today.

I couldn’t find anything about road closures in the Post Independent this morning. And I hadn’t heard anything from Chief Burris so I sent an email asking if the controlled cattail burn would be going on as scheduled for today.

Chief Burris replied:

Peggy, No Ma’am the burn is still delayed and we are still addressing the permitting issues and monitoring the most optimum conditions. We are at least a week out before this is likely to happen. Our window of opportunity will close by April 15th, I will as promised keep you in the loop. We are only going to proceed with this under the safest and best conditions for everyone in Silt and the area. There will be notices and PSA in the paper and radio if and when it happens.
Respectfully, Levy Burris

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3 Comments on “Controlled cattail burn delayed”

  1. Barb Coddington Says:

    I am liking a respectful tone that I now hear from Mr Burris.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Well that’s good. I don’t see it myself. I think the town of Silt has shown nothing but contempt for the citizens.

  3. maryinline Says:

    It’s always hard to tell an attitude in an electronic communication. What’s unfortunate is that a citizen has to communicate via email about a town/city activity. It’s dangerous to interpret someone’s attitude via electronic delivery. The fact that these cattails are still on the docket to be burned shows their contempt for the opinions people have shared over the unnecessary need, the resultant air pollution, and the loss of a habitat that offers food and shelter for animals and a buffer for the town of any toxins.

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