Hot Springs pool’s insurer denies my claim

Glenwood Hot Springs therapy pool

Glenwood Hot Springs therapy pool

Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Part 5

For background on this story read Hot Springs therapy pool tested positive for pseudomonas aeruginosa

On Monday (3/9), I received a letter from Jessica Prall, Claims Representative at Secura Insurance, the Hot Springs pool’s insurance company.

The letter stated:

We have completed out [sic] investigation into the incident that occurred on the above dated loss. We have determined that our insured was not negligent for this incident. Therefore, we must deny any claims against our insured’s policy.

That’s all. Just one brief paragraph. No explanation. Over $6,000 and counting in medical expenses —

denied stampMy entire family has stopped visiting the Hot Springs pool. We are disappointed at the way the Hot Springs pool management handled this entire issue. From the lack of any direct communication with me ever, to their PR blitz in response to my blog post, they have treated me like a non-person.

I don’t normally traffic in rumors here at FTS, however after my blog post in January, a pool employee contacted a close friend of mine and told her that the Hot Springs pool had not yet been able to get rid of the pseudomonas aeruginosa in the hot therapy pool. Because of the Hot Springs pool management’s disregard for the seriousness of the problem, we decided to err on the side of caution. It’s not hard for us to believe there is a cover up going on and that’s enough to keep me and my family away.

We don’t plan to return to the Hot Springs pool. We asked to cancel our membership and refund our fees but the Hot Springs pool has a no cancellation policy and they don’t do refunds.

My health is slowly improving. Very slowly. I am still undergoing antibiotic therapy. I am not symptom free and won’t be able to re-test until I am symptom free. Or until I reach a point at which the symptoms are diminished enough to re-test to check my progress and change my medications if necessary.

My prognosis is good for a full recovery. However until the symptoms disappear and I test negative, the possibility still exists that it could take months or years to recover, or I may never recover.

There is no doubt in our minds that my claim was denied because I chose to go public in January with the test results that showed the hot therapy pool tested positive for pseudomonas aeruginosa on August 6 and August 13, 2014. I was well aware of the risk when I published my post. I did what the Hot Springs pool and Garfield County Health Department refused to do. I published the test results. The Hot Springs pool is a public pool. I felt the public deserved to know the truth. I have always known the cost of free speech. I have paid the price in the past. I can accept that cost now because I am confident I did the right thing.

je suis charlie

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