Kill this bill: SB 15-093

kill-bill-100-1Citizens, neighbors, friends, and family it is time we as surface owners speak up for our rights to clean air, water, and our property values!

The Colorado Senate recently passed a bill, SB15-093, which would provide compensation to mineral owners for regulatory impairments. In other words, if a local government, such as a municipality or county, enacts any type of ordinance that would prevent mineral extraction, that governmental entity could be responsible for compensating the mineral owner(s). While this proposal contains protections for mineral owners, it contains no protections for the health, safety, welfare and property values of so many citizens, including adjacent property owners. In fact, in a sense, it takes away one of the avenues that residents have to protect neighborhoods against encroachment by oil and gas development.

Colorado Senate Bill 15-093

As of March 2, the COGCC reports there are 52,288 active oil & gas wells in Colorado. Of those, 22, 199 are located in Weld County and 10,959 in Garfield County. That is evidence of regulatory failure in our state and SB15-093 only contributes to that failure.

This bill has now moved to the Colorado House of Representatives for a vote. While there is some speculation that it will not pass in the House, it should not be left to chance. If you are concerned about protection of your rights, contact your Representative and make your voice heard. This can be done with a short email. No lengthy message is required, just a note that as a constituent and citizen you are concerned that it doesn’t protect your rights and request that they vote against SB15-093. Feel free to use your own words.

Many residents in Northern Colorado live in District 49 which is represented by Perry Buck, who is expected to support this legislation because she has sponsored a similar bill in the past. But it is still important that she hear from her constituents.

Click here to find your Representative.

Or you can email each member of the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee — the committee that will first review the bill. Committee members’ names and email addresses:

Perry Buck:
Mike Foote:
Steve Humphrey:
Susan Lontine:
Patrick Neville:
Dianne Primavera:
Su Ryden:
Joe Salazar:
Jack Tate:
Dan Thurlow:
Max Tyler:
Yeulin Willett:

Again, it is important that our elected officials entrusted with the rights of all Coloradans know their constituents’ opinions.

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2 Comments on “Kill this bill: SB 15-093”

  1. robert dresdner Says:

    Check out this Paul Danish article re the oil & gas rights takings compensation bill: see

    Based on this article by at. Danish, it appears industry and their representatives in the Colorado State House demand “just” compensation from citizens [via State tax revenues] for any oil and gas “regulatory takings” of their subsurface oil and gas “rights”; if the Legislature approves this, then shouldnt the State Legislature also require oil and gas companies that operated wells to pay fair and just compensation upfront to every citizen in the County, if not every citizens in the US, for the taking of US citizen’s statutory and constitutional rights to clean air and water ?

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Yes sir, many of us interpret takings in just such a way. The state gets its severance tax off mineral rights which should be rebated to the citizens because the minerals underground belong to the people. Unfortunately state and industry do not agree.

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