Marijuana businesses are good for the local economy

March 3, 2015


Location of Arum Peak's proposed retail marijuana cultivation facility at 670 Front Street in Silt

Location of Aurum Peak’s proposed retail marijuana cultivation facility at 670 Front Street in Silt


On Tuesday, March 3, the Silt Planning & Zoning Committee unanimously approved Aurum Peak’s application for a Retail Marijuana Cultivation facility at 670 Front Street. 

Guest post by Marco Dehm and Doug Stahl, co-owners of Aurum Peak, LLC

As owners of a small company, in a small town, you never really know where the road of prosperity will take you. We thought having a custom cabinet and furniture shop, our own facility, producing top-notch wooden timepieces and being in this line of business for almost 30 years, would do us good! Well, it did us great, for the first 7 years until that fateful day in 2008, when we learned how ruthless investment banking practices created unprecedented hardships, at least for my generation, that forced our economy into its knees and reached well beyond our borders. The recession hit us hard and nobody asked for timeless pieces anymore.

On January 1, 2014, a new economical phenomenon was presented in the state of Colorado by legalizing recreational marijuana sales. An industry so vast, it has yet begun to reach its potential.

An industry that needs to be nurtured along and regulated rigorously to ensure its proceeds will benefit the people of Colorado, more precisely our school children. Retail marijuana does fund Colorado public schools through tax revenue above and beyond allocated funding.

An industry so strong, it could easily replace some less desirable ones, especially here on the western slope, such as oil & gas drilling. We will employ a workforce that spends their money locally, and lives here instead of Utah or Wyoming.

An industry that appeals to small business owners such as ourselves — a chance for local business people to get in on the ground floor and once again get a chance for prosperity.

In addition marijuana is 100% organic!

Therefore, and for many other reasons, we have resubmitted an application with the Town of Silt to seek a Special Use Permit to operate a retail marijuana cultivation facility in our building located at 670 Front Street, across the alley from Colorado River Fire Rescue station. .

Front Street is located in a B-3 light industrial zone district. Therefore we will not directly impact any residential subdivisions or residential areas.

Arum Peak 2The following paragraphs are excerpts from the submitted application.The criteria for review of a Special Use Permit are provided in the Silt Municipal Code under Section 17.78.030 and are outlined as follows:

17.78.030 – Review criteria.
Criteria for review of special use applications are:

A.Compliance of the application with this code;

Aurum Peak, LLC’s proposed use is a Retail Marijuana Cultivation in the B-3 zone, which is permitted upon the Town of Silt Board granting a Special Use Permit based on the municipal code section 5.32 and 17.73.

Also, per the Silt Municipal Code, the proposed site is not within 500 feet of any other Retail Marijuana Cultivation, nor is it located in a residential zone, and it is also not located within 500 feet from any private or public schools, daycares and preschools.

B. Compatibility of the proposal with the character of the surrounding area;

The proposed use is compatible with the surrounding areas because the cultivation will operate in an existing building and no exterior changes will take place. The building has been there for five years and the main access is from Front Street, facing the railroad corridor, hidden away from the downtown area. The B-3 zone on Front Street is ideal for such a use due to its light industrial manner.

C. Desirability and need for the proposed use;

Any business that offers employment and can fulfill a demand is desirable. A local workforce generates local sales tax at local businesses.

D. Encouragement of the most appropriate use of land throughout the town;

The proposed use is ideal for this location because the area is limited in neighbors with Front Street being developed only on the north side. The proposed location faces the railroad corridor and Interstate 70.

No residential units are present. Commercial establishments are located about a block away and only light industrial uses are found on Front Street. Also, it is a quiet use and there is no involvement from the public.

E. Potential for adverse environmental influences that might result from the proposed use;

See Operating Plan and Land Use Impact Statement.

F. Compatibility of the proposed use with the comprehensive plan;

A few key points from the 2009-2011 Silt Comprehensive Plan:

  • Progressive, sustainable town
  • Directed growth. Emanating from the core
  • Self-sufficiency. Diversified economy
  • Balance of goods and service

We believe the proposed use will enable all key points of the Comprehensive Plan.

G. Adequate provision for ingress and egress of vehicular and other traffic; parking, servicing and loading/unloading; refuse and service areas; utilities; screening and buffering; signage; yards and open space; and any other items determined necessary or appropriate by the board.

Since the proposed use is in an existing building with a standing history of functioning properly and the proposed use is not much different than the existing use. We don’t foresee any big changes in parking, trash removal, deliveries, screening and any of the other provisions needed. If anything the impact will decrease slightly.

We would love to post the entire application but space is limited. To read the application in its entirety, including odor mitigation and a detailed operations plan, please click here.

Due to the nature of the business security is our top priority. A detailed security plan and implemented security measures, including cameras, DVR’s, motion detectors and alarms are part of the requirements by the Retail Marijuana Regulations. Click here to read State of Colorado Retail Marijuana Code of Regulations.

We understand this is a lot to read and everybody’s time is valuable. We all are busy with our daily lives and have our own dreams to chase. That being said, we would like to extend this invitation:

Open House
Thursday, March 19, 2015
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
670 Front Street, Silt CO

We will address concerns, answer questions, tour the building and demonstrate, with the help of a mockup of our air handling system, how we plan to mitigate odor.

If you can’t make it to the Open House, please feel free contact us with questions or concerns:

On Tuesday, March 3, the Silt Planning & Zoning Committee unanimously approved our application for the second time!

We need your support!

Our final hurdle is approval of our application by the Silt Board of Trustees. There will be a public hearing on our application before the Board of Trustees on March 23, Town of Silt Board of Trustees meeting at 7:00 p.m. Please attend and support our application.

Or send a letter of support to Mayor Rick Aluise:

Thank you!

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