This Big Green Radical

Big Green Radicals is a new ad campaign launched earlier this year by the Environmental Policy Alliance. Get it? The EPA. That’s a joke.

No time to explain. Read these brief explanations about Dr. Evil’s latest front group here and here. I’ll wait …

The Big Green Radicals website claims that “environmental activist groups … have morphed into multi-million dollar lobbying machines that use questionable tactics to scare the American public and policymakers into supporting unnecessary and unreasonable policies. A web of wealthy foundations and individuals bankroll these radical activists, making the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Food & Water Watch among the most powerful (and radical) voices pushing the green agenda.”


Evidently while we weren’t paying attention those filthy rich environmental activist groups succeeded in ending subsidies to oil and natural gas producers. They must have shut down the Keystone tar sands pipeline, too. Surely they halted offshore oil and gas drilling. I guess they put a stop to bomb trains, injection well earthquakes, leaking pipelines, toxic spills, air pollution, and well – fracking.

Oh. Wait. None of that happened.

Well. Go to the website. You’ll see. Those affluent elitist environmental activists are out to end the world — of everything — like in the history of ever.

Big Green Radicals latest PR stunt showed up along the Pennsylvania Turnpike last month as a set of three billboards. These are for real —




I gotta hand it to the PR geniuses behind BGR. They really nailed that esoteric Limbaugh-esque humor. I have absolutely no clue what the billboards mean. But who am I to judge? They ran with it, which means there’s a focus group out there somewhere full of dittoheads who chuckle at picking on women and old people.

Meanwhile back at the Big Green Radicals website, Colorado has been awarded the dubious honor of being the one and only state singled out with a page all its own titled, “Colorado: Ground Zero for the Hydraulic Fracturing Debate.”

Unfortunately that headline is slightly outdated since Hickenlooper and Polis halted the public fracking debate in a secret Sunday night meeting on August 4. Curiously it’s the same date as the last headline posted on the page, which must mean they think their work here is done. Therefore a better title for the webpage is “Colorado: Ground Zero for Corporate Takeover of State and Local Government.”

Are you smiling yet? Well, keep that grin plastered on so you don’t die laughing at the video starring the cheese-food sucking yucksters at the flat-earthers’ anti-fracking meeting. Gosh. What a hoot.

As you scroll down the page watch out for the Who’s Who chart. It’s like one of those magic eye tricks. I tried to follow it but it started to pulse larger then smaller. I got dizzy and nauseous and had to go lie down.

Below the chart you’ll find more arguably fascinating stuff like the fractivists’ wheel of lies. Plus a whole bunch more truthiness disguised as news stories, which I for one spent tens of minutes reading.

Oh. Look. On the right side of the screen. What is this? A sort of hall of shame for leaders and activists of the anti-fracking ilk. There’s Cliff Willmeng, Gary Wockner, Laura Fronc–uh–z, Shane Davis … and Jared Polis? What’s HE doing there? Those PR geniuses really should update their website.

Excuse me. If Polis gets his mug up there as a leading activist then certainly I deserve a spot. I’ll have you know I earned my stripes as an environmental activist when Polis was in kindergarten. I was secretary of the Save Lake Superior Association (SLSA) when we took on the taconite industry in northern Minnesota and won. I’ve been living with and writing about oil & gas development in Colorado longer than some of them have lived here.

I feel like an outlander. What am I not BIG enough? Or GREEN enough? Or RADICAL enough?

It just so happens I have proof that I am a “prominent activist.” Go ask the bloggers at IPAA’s Energy in Depth. In fact last week blogger Randy Hildreth used those exact words to describe me:

… In the immediate aftermath of the [Grand Mesa landslide] disaster, activist groups seized on the tragedy to support their campaign against the oil and gas industry. They took to social media and blogs to push their view that energy production was somehow responsible, ignoring the warnings of experts who said there was no evidence of such a link.

Leading the charge was Peggy Tibbets [sic], a prominent “ban fracking” activist, who told the Grand Junction Sentinel just four days after the slide took place:

“I don’t think it’s any coincidence that there’s drilling activity in that area and there’s a big landslide. … It seems like there have to be relationships; you can’t separate the two.”

Tibbets used her website to promote an online video (embedded above) which claimed the media covered up the true cause of the slide …

Did you read that? “Leading the charge was Peggy Tibbets …” Okay. So he spelled my name wrong but he meant Tibbetts with two Ts.

But wait. There’s more.

Also last week on Facebook, I shared the link to my blog post Buh-bye Bill Barrett which contained three innocuous news articles about the final sale of BBC’s assets in the Piceance Basin. Then, in an unprovoked, personal attack Silt Trustee Dylan Lewis called me a lunatic.



Jankovsky cheerleader Dylan Lewis totally called me out. Then he called me names.

And don’t forget last February when Mayor Aluise called me ridiculous because I don’t drink Silt water.

Like Lady Gaga, I’m a woman. And I’m almost as old as Yoko.

Talk about activist street cred. It’s all over me like a rash.

Check out this Big Green Radical —

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