More water test sites needed this week

nagel-s-2 thumbDr. Susan Nagel from the University of Missouri is conducting a study on the link between fracking and endocrine disruption. She will be in the area September 9-15, to do water testing. However she still needs more water test sites.

From Dr. Nagel:

My research lab has recently found an association between hydraulic fracturing for natural gas and oil and endocrine disrupting activity in surface and ground water in a small pilot study.

We will be collecting water samples in Garfield County September 9-15, to perform a much larger and more comprehensive study to examine whether hydraulic fracturing increases endocrine disrupting activity in surface and ground water. We will test the water samples for the ability to disrupt five different hormones (estrogen, androgen, thyroid, glucocorticoid and progesterone) and we have partnered with an analytical chemist and geochemist for identifying chemical composition and methane.

We have a goal of visiting 50 sites and collecting one ground (residential and/or monitoring wells) and one surface water sample at each, so we can be quick and not take too much of anyone’s time. We are also very interested in collecting at locations that have experienced a spill or some kind of accident/incident related to drilling/fracking/operations. We will bring the water samples back to the lab, process them and then measure hormonal activity (estrogen, androgen, thyroid, glucocorticoid and progesterone). We also aim to identify the chemicals responsible. We would like to sample surface and ground water. This could be streams, creeks, rivers, ponds for surface and well water, spring water or drinking water, if it comes from a well. We will also collect municipal drinking water sources. We can also sample surface water without assistance if given coordinates and prior permission. We have made many connections, but are still in need of additional sites.

For more information:  Fracking health study will return to Garfield County

Do you have a test site?

You can meet Dr. Nagel at the Farm Fresh Café in Rifle (1733 Railroad Av) on Thursday, September 11, at 7:30 a.m.

Or you can contact her directly via email:
Or phone: 573-268-7041

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