Fracking health study will return to Garfield County


Update 7/7/14: If you live in Garfield County Colorado and would like to have your water tested for endocrine disrupting activityclick here and leave a message in the comment box.

The second phase of Dr. Susan Nagel’s study was fully funded last weekend: Does fracking contaminate water with hormone disrupting chemicals? The University of Missouri School of Medicine topped off the donations to achieve their $25K goal.

Congratulations to Dr. Nagel and her team of researchers!

Read more about the first phase of the study which was conducted in Garfield County:  Susan Nagel explores links between fracking and endocrine disruption

The research from the study was published in Endocrinology journal in March 2014, and is available free to the public:  Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Activities of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and Surface and Ground Water in a Drilling-Dense Region

A recent article in the Aspen Daily News, Study cites possible link between drilling, health, outlined the second phase of this study:

… And [WSCOGA Executive Director David] Ludlam said it was unsurprising to find higher concentrations of such chemicals at sites where oil and gas spills have occurred in the past. He claimed that such spills are anomalous within Garfield County, which has more than 10,000 active wells.

In the second phase of her research, Nagel appears to be attempting to address such critiques head on. Her team plans to collect water samples from at least 30 Garfield County sites, including both spill sites and sites where drilling activity is high, but no spills have been reported.

“We want to investigate whether there is just a certain level of these chemicals associated with drilling, even if there isn’t a spill,” Nagel said.

Her team is also planning a chemical analysis to conclusively determine whether the hormone disrupting compounds detected in Garfield County water samples are some of the same ones used in the fracking process …

nagel-s-2 thumbKDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Dr. Nagel about her work in an on-air interview: Missouri endocrinologist raising money to study the health impacts of fracking chemicals

Late last year, Dr. Susan Nagel, endocrinologist and associate professor at the University of Missouri’s School of Medicine, published a study on the effects of hydraulic fracturing on human sex hormones. Now, she’s embarking on more extended research because, she says, there are not enough vigorous, scientific studies of the fracking process.

We welcome Dr. Nagel and her team back to Garfield County.

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One Comment on “Fracking health study will return to Garfield County”

  1. davidjkatz Says:

    Great news. This is an important study and deserves to continue.

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