Meet Michael Sullivan

michael sullivan

Michael Sullivan is the Democratic candidate for Garfield County Commissioner. He has been serving as a Garfield County Planning & Zoning Commissioner since 2008. Remember last year when the BOCC gutted the land use codes? Well, Michael voted against those changes. He is planning to attend the health forum in Parachute on June 25, so he can listen to citizens’ concerns about public health in the gaspatch. Here, in his own words, he explains the need for a new voice on the BOCC.

Guest post by Michael J. Sullivan

We need a new voice at the table, a new perspective. We need a commissioner who truly understands the opinions of the people he represents. We need a commissioner who understands that your property rights, not just big business, should be protected by the Board of County Commissioners.

We want representation that restores the regulation of our land use code. In Garfield County, 60% of our county was recently declared “exempt” from all local oversight. A new amendment to the land use code could put pipes and ponds almost anywhere. Our new code reduces dozens of reviews and regulations. As a current Planning and Zoning Commissioner (since 2008), I voted against them all.

I believe, like you, that we have the absolute right to clean air, clean water, and an environment free of toxins. Therefore, government has the responsibility to regulate any industry that threatens your health, safety, and welfare. It is county government’s responsibility to guarantee that our air, water, and land are free of deadly contaminants. That duty is backed by the state and gives us the right to look at much of what the industry does above ground. We should exercise those rights to their full extent.

To bring this voice to the table, we need your help. Your donation and your time, regardless of the amount, are essential in our campaign. Quite simply, it buys ads and gets our name out. Please make your contribution on line, with a check, or by calling us. Now would be a good time.

We welcome contributions of time, merchandise, and services as well. We would love to meet with you and your friends at a neighborhood gathering or visit your club or organization. We ask that you promote us on social media and our web site. Talk about us to your friends and neighbors and encourage them to vote by mail. Letters to the editor help enormously.

We can win this race. My opponent is well financed and the margin might be slim, but we will make our voice be heard. It takes time and money.

Our platform is constantly evolving and expanding. It is essential that we hear from you on the issues of this campaign. Send us your opinions, suggestions, and contributions, please:

Sullivan for Garfield  County

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3 Comments on “Meet Michael Sullivan”

  1. Michael Sullivan Says:

    Peggy, so many thanks. Michael

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Any time, Michael. I appreciate your stand on land use codes.

  3. Carl L. McWilliams Says:

    Hello Candidate Michael Sullivan: How about transitioning Garfield County from a “statutory county” to a Home Rule County?

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