Review: Creating Climate Wealth

Climate Wealth cover 3

Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy
By Jigar Shah
September 2013
208 pages

Jigar Shah is the founder of SunEdison where he transformed the solar industry by creating a business model that offers solar power as a service in the form of Power Purchase Agreements, as opposed to marketing solar panels and equipment. In Creating Climate Wealth, Shah explains that climate change presents us with countless opportunities to solve our energy needs, make trillions of dollars, and strengthen global economies. He maintains that the solutions and technology exist right now to achieve our clean energy goals by 2020. He then describes how this is possible through innovation and renovation. Innovation can be achieved not through new technology but by implementing existing technology with a new business model – which is really an old business model. Entrepreneurship and small businesses financed by Impact Investments, he insists, are the keys to expanding the future of clean energy.

In order to tackle the challenge of renovation, Shah teamed up with Sir Richard Branson and the Carbon War Room (CWR) to show existing companies the cost effectiveness of energy efficiency. In truth, most CEOs are more committed to their bottom lines than to cleaning up the environment. When clean energy operations save them money they don’t hesitate to hop on board. Even climate change deniers understand the almighty dollar.

Shah’s view of climate change as anything but a crisis is refreshing and inspiring. He is not marketing a theory. He is revealing a proven strategy which is currently providing clean energy solutions worldwide. Shah’s common sense approach combined with his conversational tone make for a captivating and easy read. Creating Climate Wealth should be required reading for every human on planet Earth. There is a future and it’s up to us to create it.

jigar shah
Read an excerpt from Chapter Six: The Role of Government

Two-part Skype video interview with Jigar Shah

Creating Climate Wealth


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One Comment on “Review: Creating Climate Wealth”

  1. maryinline Says:

    Innovation will arise from the minds of those who are most impacted by the effects of climate change. It will come from the mindset of do it or die. Shah is looking towards the survival of his native lands, and we will benefit as long as our own leaders in government and business look at the benefits to all, not just a few, is the true nature of progress.

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