CRED’s fake news

cred screen shotYou remember CRED, the oil & gas industry’s shiny new PR campaign that suffered an ill-timed launch in the midst a 500-year flood event. Well they didn’t let a few flooded well pads and floating condensation tanks stand in their way. They’ve got spunk – and all sorts of tricks up their sleeves according to Ross Lane at Western Values Project.

Colorado Energy Group Doesn’t Deserve Public Trust after Misleading Coloradans with Fake News

Denver, CO — Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) recently purchased an advertising section in The Denver Post online edition that is nearly identical to credible, independent news copy featured elsewhere on the site. The advertisement features stories written by CRED employees on topics like energy exports and environmental reclamation. CRED, a nonprofit organization, is funded by oil and gas companies Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and Noble Energy.

The Denver Post has a broad reach, with over 8 million unique online visitors each month.

In response, Western Values Project released the following statement from Director Ross Lane:

“CRED is trying to pass off their paid advertising in The Denver Post as real news about energy development. It’s disgraceful behavior from a group that claims to be on the right side of the facts,” said Ross Lane, director of Western Values Project. “Coloradans deserve direct, honest discussion about these important issues, not some counterfeit attempt to sway public opinion.”

Find CRED’s advertisement here (please remember to turn off AdBlock).

Screenshot above and here.

Sign the Petition:  Stop passing off fake, industry-paid news as journalism

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One Comment on “CRED’s fake news”

  1. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Check out the new anti-CRED Facebook page, Coloradans for Responsible Energy and Environmental Policy.

    “Coloradans working for the responsible reporting of fossil fuel climate change impacts and for promotion of responsible energy policy and sustainability”.

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