Breaking news! SB-093 killed for this session

April 2, 2014

Colorado, legislation

kill-bill-posterCongratulations Colorado!

Your protests  and citizen action successfully killed SB-093 — aka Pipeline right-of-way bill — aka Eminent domain bill.

Report from Anita Sherman:

This morning SB 14-93 was unanimously “laid over” until May 8th, which is the day after the 2014 legislative session ends. In short, we killed the bill! That is, unless the Governor decides he needs to extend this legislative session. No doubt it will resurface in 2015, but today we can celebrate a huge victory for the people. In fact, I am currently working with activists across the country to help kill the same ALEC-modeled “eminent domain bill” in their states.

private-propertyAgain, this was a unanimous effort by the House District Representatives, and we should thank all of them for supporting their constituents instead of the industry. A special thanks goes to HD 31 Rep. Joe Salazar from Adams County. It’s one thing to kill a bill, it’s quite another to take a hit from your party when you kill a bill your party’s Senate sponsored.

Please take a moment to thank Rep. Salazar for being the champion who stepped forward to protect our constitutional rights today! His email:

Thank you for getting involved, and taking action against an unconstitutional bill!

Citizen activism rocks!

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