The air in Silt – Part 1

On January 30, Garfield County Commissioners and Mesa County Commissioners submitted their statement to the 2013-14 Oil and Gas Rulemaking Effort proposed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The statement represented the positions of Garfield, Mesa, Moffat, Montezuma, and Rio Blanco counties as joint members of the EPAC coalition (Energy Producing Attainment Counties).

Rebuttal Statement of Coalition of Energy Producing Attainment Counties

Here’s a fun little game to play. Click on the link above to access the 142-page document. Then click on “Edit” and “Find.” A little window will come up in the bottom left corner. Type in “Silt” and see what happens. Next type in “Rifle.” Now “Parachute.” Don’t forget “Battlement Mesa.” And “Carbondale.”

Carbondale? The hell you say! Carbondale isn’t surrounded by gas wells.

Ok, to save time I’ll tell you what happens when you search for Silt. Not much. The word “Silt” shows up on exactly 2 pages – 26 and 137 – but only because the Bell-Melton air quality monitor is located 4 miles south of.

Silt is surrounded by gas wells. We probably have the worst air quality in the county. But you’ll never know that because the county won’t put an air quality monitor in town. They don’t want to know how bad the air is. That way when the state and the feds come snooping around they can conveniently shove us into a snow bank and pretend we don’t exist. It’s the perfect way to skew the air quality picture on the Western Slope. Just leave Silt out of it. Which is exactly what they have done.

Those of us who live here don’t need an air quality monitor to identify the air pollution. We can smell it and taste it. It burns our eyes, ears, noses and throats. We suffer from upper respiratory and sinus infections more often and they last longer than normal.

So with the visual aid of a series of photographs taken by John Lesh from his porch on Silt Mesa, I am going to show you what the air in Silt looks like.

NOVEMBER 23, 2013

Picture 012
Picture 014
Picture 013
NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Picture 424

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