GVCA challenges BOCC opposition to air quality standards

During Monday’s (1/20) Air Quality Update at the BOCC meeting, Bob Arrington’s presentation was followed by a statement from GVCA President Leslie Robinson in which the group takes issue with GarCo’s opposition to the proposed statewide air quality regulations.

GVCA thumb
GVCA statement to

Garfield County Commissioners

Citizens group wants Garfield County to rethink stance on air standards

… Given that some of the leading research in the state regarding air quality has been done with funding from Garfield County, the commissioners should be taking the lead in supporting the proposed standards, the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance argues in a letter presented to the commissioners on Monday.

“Air testing during oil and gas extraction has shown that benzene and seven other known air toxins are produced along with the oil and gas,” GVCA President Leslie Robinson wrote in the letter.

Studies such as the Battlement Mesa Health Impact Assessment and the county’s own ongoing air monitoring program have supported that evidence, Robinson maintained.

“Therefore, members of the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance are disappointed that the Garfield County commissioners have come out in opposition to the application of the proposed air quality regulations on the Western Slope,” she wrote. “In our opinion, you seemed to have ignored the scientific studies you have commissioned.”

Earlier this month, Garfield County submitted a pre-hearing statement to the Air Quality Control Commission suggesting that, because Garfield and other Western Slope counties currently don’t exceed federal ozone standards, tighter air regulations may not be needed here in the way that they are on the Front Range.

Other area counties and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association have taken a similar position, although many energy companies have said they support the proposed new rules …

Garfield County Prehearing Statement

For more info: Air Quality links and info

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