Sidewalk snafu in Silt

December 19, 2013


Tis the season in Silt.
Look! The Dollar General Store got a new sidewalk for Christmas.

And Miners Claim got a new sidewalk just in time for Christmas!

But all Studio Six Salon and Suds E Dog got for Christmas was a pile of dirt.

studio-6Sarah Davis, owner of Studio Six Salon, said her business was down by 50% during construction and she was just informed the sidewalk won’t go in until April! Her business relies heavily on walk-in customers so it’s going to be a tough winter without a sidewalk.

suds-e-dogI have yet to hear any explanation as to why the Dollar General Store and Miners Claim were rewarded with sidewalks after enduring months and months of this construction project, but Studio Six Salon and Suds E Dog at 602 Main Street ended up with this mess.

To cheer up Sarah and give her some well-deserved publicity, let’s have some fun and take a poll!

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3 Comments on “Sidewalk snafu in Silt”

  1. Anita Sherman (@MomMakingChange) Says:

    Send Mayor Moore a stocking full of dirt and doggy doo-dads!

  2. Beth Strudley Says:

    Mayor Moore prefers booze in his stocking. He drinks it mixed with Cola in a big blue plastic cup, during town meetings. Then he starts slurring, and does ‘mumble-repeats’ of what other folks are saying. No fracking joke, witnessed it with my own eyes and ears.

  3. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Bev Thompson told me she hasn’t been able to get a haircut since this whole construction project started because she can’t maneuver through the mess to get to Studio Six. She has a bum knee and she’s afraid of falling. Just sayin …

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