EPA covered up fracking studies under political pressure

September 18, 2013

EPA, fracking


Tell the EPA to stop blocking fracking investigations

Environmental Action reports:

A new shocking new report in EnergyWire suggests why the EPA, despite the word “protect” being their middle name, has covered up its own research in Pavillion Wyoming, Parker Texas, and Dimock Pennsylvania, that proves fracking contaminates groundwater. They have been under political pressure to protect the polluters, not the planet and cover up fracking’s danger to our planet, and to our health.

Top Obama aide worked the Pavillion fracking investigation

… Documents show that Zichal, deputy assistant to the president for energy and climate change, monitored and managed developments behind the scenes as U.S. EPA prepared to release its findings that hydraulic fracturing had contaminated groundwater in Pavillion …

… The White House emails add to questions from environmentalists and conservative groups about the role politics played in bringing the Pavillion investigation and in abandoning it. Similar concerns have been raised about the other two cases.

EPA scientists had already found merit to the case by the time the emails show the White House getting involved, said Amy Mall of the Natural Resources Defense Council. But Zichal’s interest makes Mall wonder what role the White House played in EPA’s retreat in Pavillion and the other two cases.

“This leaves open to question whether political involvement played a role in dropping these three cases,” Mall said …

… Conservative lawyer Christopher Horner has already been pursuing evidence he says he obtained that the Obama administration retreated from the Pennsylvania case, in Dimock, out of fear that the investigation might hurt Obama’s re-election chances in 2012 (EnergyWire, July 30). He said White House involvement in the Pavillion case strikes a similar chord.

“That is consistent with the information presented to me about the Dimock case,” Horner said, “that politics were guiding the proceedings and political considerations were at play” …

Thanks to courageous whistle blowers at EPA, we now know that when the Agency was presented with it’ own research on fracking that showed dangerous levels of pollution and methane in the drinking water of several wells near a fracking site, they didn’t pull the plug on fracking. Worse, they pulled the plug on the research.

Gina McCarthy wasn’t head of the EPA when this happened. But McCarthy IS head of the EPA now and needs to address the scandal she inherited. She had better be saddling up a thorough internal investigation into why EPA covered up its own research and put the health of families and our planet at risk. And she had better start by re-opening the investigations into contaminated drinking water RIGHT NOW.

Tell the EPA to stop blocking fracking investigations

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