48 groups call for Lepore’s resignation

Lepore COGCC-3 600

COGCC Executive Director Matt Lepore

Plus one blogger. I was at Lake Powell and unable to receive or respond to the letter when it was passed around, or From the Styx would have signed on as well.

In a letter to Governor Hickenlooper on July 25, 48 citizens groups, businesses, political and environmental organizations – I think that about covers them all – called for COGCC Executive Director Matt Lepore’s resignation for his recent comments made at the Northern Colorado Energy Summit in Loveland saying:

His mischaracterization of ordinary Coloradans—parents, business owners, ranchers, teachers, workers, and retirees — who oppose putting dangerous hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) wells next to their homes and schools as “affluent” and “misinformed” is insulting. Indeed, this unfortunate attempt to discredit the tens-of-thousands of hard-working Coloradans who want to protect their families, health and property from the negative impacts of fracking was disgraceful.

BTW, in case you hadn’t heard or even cared, Lepore apologized: Commission director apologizes to fracking critics. Mostly he said “probably” a lot and seemed more or less confused about public health and environmental impacts from oil & gas drilling.

In case you missed it, here is my take on Lepore’s comments: Lepore goes all anti-frackinator on our asses

I don’t mean to make an improper leap here but I’m probably going to anyway. After Lepore resigns, he’ll probably go to work as a lawyer for the oil & gas industry. He seemed to be auditioning for the job with Williams during March and April of the Parachute Creek spill lo-these-many-moons saga. So he probably doesn’t worry about public health and environmental impacts so much.

When Lepore said fracktivists were mostly affluent people who don’t care about the cost of heating and cooling their homes and framed it as a debate and said it in front of an industry sponsored event he sided publicly with the industry. And his comments were not even accurate.

The letter goes on to say:

Furthermore, Mr. Lepore’s statements are inaccurate. Mr. Lepore’s agency has rubber stamped hundreds of fracking permits, including a record-setting proposal to place a drilling pad with 67 fracked wells in a working-class neighborhood in Greeley two months ago. Mr. Lepore has done nothing to address the increased drilling that is encroaching on lower-income communities and communities of color that hold little political power to protect their interests. How can ordinary Coloradans expect Mr. Lepore to protect them in keeping with the COGCC’s mandate to protect public health, safety, and welfare when he insults them at an industry-sponsored conference? The answer is simple: they can’t.

Group letter to Governor Hickenlooper


Anti-fracking groups call for Colorado oil and gas director to resign

I would hardly call Organic Consumers Association, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Save Our Snow, Holy Terror Farm, Thistle Whistle Farm, or Delicious Orchards “anti-fracking groups.”

Frack wars: Groups call for Matt Lepore to resign, while Jared Polis sues to stop drilling

Oops! Polis drops the lawsuit and I’m not so sure about the whole poster boy thing.

Jared Polis drops lawsuit over fracking near his property, but may refile
Boulder congressman sees new role as ‘poster boy’ in hot-button issue

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