Parachute Creek spill: Day 111

The area of the underground hydrocarbon plume is outlined in yellow. This map is dated April 30, 2013

The area of the underground hydrocarbon plume is outlined in yellow. This map is dated April 30, 2013

Williams June 25 update:  Company Response Continuing to Show Progress in Protecting Parachute Creek, Recovering Hydrocarbon Fluids

Williams updates June 17-23, 2013

Williams testing results show benzene levels persist at the ever popular Sampling Site 6.

CDPHE Parachute Creek

Plume size:
The maximum estimated size of the plume is approximately 1,500 feet long, 308 feet wide and 10 feet thick. This equals an area of approximately 462,000 square feet or 10.6 acres in area; roughly 34,595,000 gallons.

(The Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool is 405 feet long and 100 feet wide at the widest point, and contains 1,071,000 gallons of water.)

Chemical composition of plume:
Benzene; toluene; ethylbenzene; all three xylenes (M, O and P); cyclohexane; hexane;
methylcyclohexane; isopropylbenzene; acetone; bromoform; heptanes; 1, 2 , 3-trimethylbenzene; 1, 2, 4-trimethylbenzene; 1, 3, 5-trimethylbenzene and tetrachloroethene.

Amount of hydrocarbons extracted as of June 25:
178.9 barrels or 7,514 gallons

Amount of contaminated water brought up with the hydrocarbons as of June 20:
Approximately 369,000 gallons

Groundwater benzene levels in mid-May from selected monitoring wells:
“Williams has draft groundwater results that show a significant decrease in benzene concentration in groundwater down-gradient of the aeration trench. The concentration of benzene in monitoring point TMP-48 dropped from 670 ppb on April 29 to 100 ppb on May 13 to 4 ppb on May 15. The benzene concentration in monitoring point TMP-52 dropped from 360 ppb on April 29 to 170 ppb on May 12 (the last sample collection date for TMP-52). Furthermore, the benzene concentration in the down-gradient air sparge trench and vertical well points efficacy monitoring location, SPT1-4, has decreased from 760 ppb on May 12 to 140 ug/L on May 15, 2013.”

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6 Comments on “Parachute Creek spill: Day 111”

  1. shelia Canfield-jones Says:

    At what point do we start caring more about the beauty of Colorado then whether some greedy oil/gas CEO is making a large profit? At what point do we realize we are not benefiting from oil/gas drilling in Colorado. Because we aren’t. At what point do we stop and realize this is a mistake put a moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing and oil/gas drilling in our state? When do we say the environmental damage we are doing to Colorado is not worth the risk? Sorry letting the Benzene evaporate into the air we breath is not cleaning up the mess you made.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    It’s so disturbing that the CDPHE is not even addressing the air quality issue. Except to say they will issue “emissions permits.” At face value it looks like when the industry pollutes the groundwater, the state just gives them a permit to do so — same with air. The whole fiasco has really opened people’s eyes to what’s really going on around here.

  3. shelia Canfield-jones Says:

    I sent a message to Channel 9 asking why they haven’t reported much about this and all they could say is yes they did 4 reports so far and that there was no proof that this was hydraulic fracturing fluid. LOL you have to appreciate their ignorance. Perhaps they should send a reporter there to check it out???

  4. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    It’s NOT fracking fluid — the hydrocarbons came from the gas processing plant. Processed natural gas — sort of like leaving the hose running on the ground at the gas station. The real story here is that Williams knew about the problem long before they informed the state. This was not “equipment failure” it was careless negligence on the part of Williams. They should be investigated and fined.

  5. BobGuy Says:

    Enough with fossil fuels, seriously? Rise up people!

  6. BethGal Says:

    Dear BG,
    That’s what this feed is about, you ignoramus.

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