Parachute Creek spill: Day 86

Parachute_GW_Benzene_IsoconcentrationClick here for the last known groundwater contamination map:  Benzene Concentrations in Groundwater & Isoconcentration Map 4-19-13

Parachute Creek tests show ‘non-detect’ results

PARACHUTE — A week’s worth of tests of Parachute Creek north of here, where a leaky pressure gauge spilled thousands of gallons of natural-gas liquids into the ground, have shown no signs of continuing contamination from the leak, a spokesman for the state health department wrote in an email to the Post Independent on Friday.

“I heard from our folks this morning that it has been six consecutive days that all surface water sampling locations have come back as non-detect,” wrote Mark Salley, public information official for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

In addition, Salley wrote, “Monitoring continues, surface water [of the creek] and groundwater, and shows at this time the plume is stable” …

… Donna Gray, with the community relations office for Williams Midstream, the company playing the key role in the cleanup of the plume and its effects, said that “not much has changed. We continue to do the air sparging, and that seems to be working very well” …

… Gray said the company has a better idea of the size of the plume of contaminated soil surrounding the leak site, but she did not have the details available to her on Friday.

She said the company’s crews had excavated much of the soil surrounding the leak site and believes it has gotten most of the contamination out of the ground, though she did not have the exact details of that work available to her on Friday …


Williams May 31 update: Company Response Continuing to Show Progress in Protecting Parachute Creek, Recovering Increasing Volumes of Hydrocarbon Fluids

Water sampling test results at Williams Answers for Parachute website:  Testing Results & Other Info
Note: No test results are being shown for sampling sites upstream closer to the Williams gas processing plant.


CDPHE is accepting questions and comments from the public. Call or send your questions to:

David Walker, Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Project Manager
(303) 692-3354
Or toll free 1(888) 569-1831, Ext 3354

Hazardous Materials and Waste Mgmt Division
Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Dr. S.
Denver, CO 80246

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