Parachute Creek spill: Day 69

[Photos of the Parachute Creek cleanup courtesy of Bruce Gordon, Ecoflight]

[Photos of the Parachute Creek cleanup courtesy of Bruce Gordon, Ecoflight]

Breaking news Williams won’t be fined in liquids leak


CDPHE Update May 15 – Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Compliance Order on Consent

Personnel from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division (HMWMD) met with representatives of Bargath, LLC and Williams Company regarding the Hazardous Waste Compliance Advisory issued to Bargath, LLC on April 30. Bargath is a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams.

Bargath and Williams agreed to work under this department’s hazardous waste corrective action authority. As such, the Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division and Bargath will enter into a Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Compliance Order on Consent (Consent Order). The Consent Order, likely negotiated and signed by both parties within a month, will provide the framework for the investigation of the extent of soil, groundwater and surface water contamination that occurred as a result of the release, and for the interim and final remediation measures that will be conducted to thoroughly cleanup the release.

No penalty is being assessed as part of the Consent Order, as the release was not due to negligence but to accidental equipment failure. The division retains the ability to fine Bargath in the event the company does not comply with the clean-up/remediation requirements of the Consent Order.

The Consent Order will be drafted by HMWMD and the draft is expected to be provided to Bargath within two weeks. The order will outline remedial activities from this point forward, including the development of contingency plans in the event hydrocarbon appears in the creek; implementing measures to begin the process of recovering the hydrocarbon floating on the ground water table; taking actions to reduce the concentration of dissolved benzene in ground water; and developing a long-term strategy to eliminate the source of contamination impacting ground water and surface water with the goal of meeting state environmental standards.

Please note that clean-up efforts will continue without pause during the time the Consent Order is being drafted and signed. Bargath will continue to take direction from CDPHE, while COGCC and U.S. EPA continue to remain up-to-date and involved in the project. The effort to upgrade the groundwater aeration trench to reduce levels of benzene in Parachute Creek surface water appears to be working. Current data show levels of benzene in groundwater are slowly reducing downgradient of the aeration trench and there have been no further surface water samples from any site exceeding 5.0 ppb.
[end of update]


CDPHE is accepting questions and comments from the public. Call or send your questions to:

David Walker, Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Project Manager
(303) 692-3354
Or toll free 1(888) 569-1831, Ext 3354

Hazardous Materials and Waste Mgmt Division
Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Dr. S.
Denver, CO 80246

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3 Comments on “Parachute Creek spill: Day 69”

  1. Beth Strudley Says:

    Well what a frackin’ shocker that is!

  2. shauna Says:

    The things company’s can get away with . And then you see people getting locked up for a long time for killing someone . Well there killing a ton of us undercover .

  3. Tina Huston Says:

    What’s the damn difference if it’s from negligence or equipment failure? It’s a violation of our air, land, and water! When are people going to get real and get in these people’s faces! We’re at 400 ppm CO2, people, it’s not a joke.

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