Parachute Creek spill: Day 68

CDPHE Parachute Creek update for May 14, 2013

Parachute Creek       Readings        Readings       Readings        Readings
Surface Water              (5/9/13)        (5/10/13)       (5/11/13)     (5/12/13)
Sample Location
CS6                                 4.4 ppb          3.5 ppb           3.7 ppb           2.6 ppb
CS7                                 1.4 ppb          1.5 ppb           1.3 ppb           1.0 ppb
CS8                                  .1 ppb          Non-detect    Non-detect   Non-detect
CS9                               Non-detect    Non-detect    Non-detect   Non-detect
CS10                            Non-detect    Non-detect    Non-detect   Non-detect
CS11                             Non-detect    Non-detect   Non-detect    Non-detect
Town of
Parachute                  Non-detect   Non-detect    Non-detect    Non-detect

For the first time, on Friday, May 10, a surface water sample from location CS8 came up as non-detect for benzene levels. It has remained non-detect since Friday, May 10.

As of Friday, May 10, all pumps were recovering hydrocarbons from all wells. This should result in an overall increase in hydrocarbon recovery.

The domestic well of rancher Howard Orona was tested last week and the benzene levels were non-detect. Water quality in his well has not been affected by the natural gas liquids leak at Williams.

Piping for vertical air sparge wells was completed late last week and with an adjustment to the blowers as well, the vertical air sparge wells were operational as of Friday, May 10.

Williams has ordered an on-site water treatment system that will be used to treat groundwater that already has been extracted from the site as part of investigation and remediation, and that currently is stored in tanks. The on-site groundwater treatment system also will be used to treat groundwater extracted from a series of new recovery wells designed to remove floating hydrocarbon from the groundwater surface. The goal is to have the new treatment system running by the end of May.
[end of update]


Water sampling test results at Williams Answers for Parachute website:  Testing Results & Other Info

Williams Update — May 10:  Company Deploys Additional Resources to Continue its Focus on Protecting Parachute Creek


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Or toll free 1(888) 569-1831, Ext 3354

Hazardous Materials and Waste Mgmt Division
Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment
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