Parachute Creek Spill: Day 52

Trace amounts of benzene have been detected in multiple locations in Parachute Creek

Benzene levels below 5 ppb have been detected in multiple locations in Parachute Creek

One week ago today, Bob Arrington wrote a letter to Governor Hickenlooper making the case for why the CDPHE should be the lead agency and not the COGCC.

COGCC transfers jurisdiction of Parachute Creek spill to CDPHE
Read  the full COGCC statement

State health department taking over Parachute Creek spill investigation

[Spokesman for the COGCC Todd] Hartman confirmed that attorneys for Williams and the state had been talking about exactly which state agency should have control of the investigation, but added, “I was not privy to those conversations.”

When asked why this decision had not been made earlier, before the analysis of ground water near the leak showed alarmingly high levels of the toxic compound benzene, and before sampling from Parachute Creek itself showed the creek had been contaminated with other hydrocarbon compounds, Hartman said, “I don’t have a comment on that.”

Meeting will address Parachute leak


More test results from Williams at Testing Results & Other Info

Also at Upcoming Presentations, note that Williams will also be making a presentation at the EAB Meeting, Thursday, May 2


Garfield County plans community meeting in Parachute

Monday, April 29, 2013
6:00 p.m.
Grand Valley Fire Protection District Building
0124 Stone Quarry Road
Parachute, CO

Click here for driving directions

For more information go to Community Resources.



[Note: You can also submit your questions in advance of the Monday meeting to Kirby Wynn, GarCo O&G liaison at:]

What happened to the Dept of Wildlife? We haven’t heard much from them since mid-March. Shouldn’t they be involved with these other agencies in this process?

Does the standard of 5300 ppb for a non-drinking water stream protect the trout?

Is Williams using any sort of dispersant, or introducing any additional substance or chemical to the contamination site or the creek in their efforts to deal with the benzene and other NGLs already present?

What about the benzene clean-up workers?

Were the workers given benzene awareness training prior to beginning work at Parachute Creek?

Were the workers given self-contained supplied air respirators and proper training on the use of the respirators before the benzene clean-up work began at Parachute Creek?

Why isn’t the federal OSHA invited to the public meeting on April 29?

Do the Garfield County Commissioners care about these exposed workers, or are these workers nothing more than “well-field trash?”

This facility is a gas processing and intra-state pipeline plant. It is more like a refinery and not a drilling operation. Why is the COGCC the lead agency?

Why haven’t we heard anything from Garfield County BOCC?

Garfield County has oil & gas mitigation funds. Are they in contact with and working with local landowners along Parachute Creek to mitigate the impacts of this environmental disaster?

Is anyone testing water wells downstream from the groundwater contamination plume?

Who is safeguarding the interests of the public?

If 80% of the benzene evaporated into the air, wouldn’t the air monitors at the nearby gas processing plant have sounded an alarm? Are they monitoring air quality?

Have they tested for BTEX compounds? If not, why not?

Is Williams using any sort of dispersant, or introducing any other substance or chemical to contamination site or the creek?

What are the real benzene numbers, not those provided by the COGCC, or Williams, or the testing companies that they retained when they swooped into the valley? How about some independent testing?

When will Williams be fined? And how much?

How are they going to clean up this mess? What’s the plan?

I invite you to submit your questions in the comments section. Or send your questions to:

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4 Comments on “Parachute Creek Spill: Day 52”

  1. beth strudley Says:

    Thank you Peggy.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    You’re welcome, Beth 😉
    And thank you Bob Arrington

  3. Jeanne Huyser Says:

    Thanks, Peggy for being the one and only source of current and accurate information readily available to the public. Without you in the “lead dog” position I suspect far less information would ever have come to light. And as you mentioned, thanks also go to Bob Arrington. He has done a great deal to add to the awareness and even more to educate us as to what happens in the event of a “spill”, “leak”……and the consequences that follow.

  4. Beth Strudley Says:

    Oh yes,
    Thank you so much Bob. You’re awesome.

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