Parachute Creek spill: Day 44

Parachute_GW_Benzene_IsoconcentrationClick here for full map:  04/15/13 — Most recent benzene concentrations in groundwater and isoconcentration map


This was a rough week for news junkies like me. You know, keeping it all straight. Last night I dreamed a bomb went off in a fertilizer plant in Parachute Creek. The bomb suspect was apprehended alive in Watertown, Mass, and turned out to be an Elvis impersonator who sent ricin to a US Senator and the President.

But none of that really happened, right?

Latest news — 

Benzene found in Parachute Creek for second straight day  — April 19 COGCC update included below

Benzene in creek ‘of great concern’ — says GarCo O&G liaison, Kirby Wynn

Williams plans to build new, larger pipeline in leak area  — This article slipped under my radar on Thursday. Williams is building another pipeline under Parachute Creek – because they haven’t done enough damage.


Garfield County Press Release – April 18, 2013

“Garfield County will convene a public meeting at the earliest possible opportunity so that the community can hear from and ask questions …”

That little gem has everyone all a-buzz. What? When? Where? Those county folks sure do know how to create suspense. And the burning question — Kirby, are you blogging now?


New! Improved! Answers for Parachute website – now with more baloney.

More tabs –

Additional Information features Information about Benzene

Presentations includes Williams PowerPoint presentations from the April 11 and April 17 Parachute Town Council meetings. On Slide 4 of the April 11 presentation there’s an actual photo of the “Actual Pressure Gauge” that broke, burst, or somehow failed on December 20. As you can see from the photo it’s quite a bit bigger than a dime.

Get Answers provides answers to questions about – wait a minute – a bunch of those questions seem awfully familiar. Haven’t we seen them somewhere before? Why, they’re right here – at Day 39.

Guess this means they’re paying attention. So, I’m in the process of updating the list of questions they haven’t answered and I will post them in tomorrow’s update. Keep those questions coming! Use the comments section, or send them to:


COGCC update – April 19, 2013

Here is a brief update on the situation at the Parachute Creek gas facility.

Additional sampling of Parachute Creek today detected benzene in the same locations outlined yesterday, at 2.7 parts per billion, 1.5 ppb and 1.2 ppb, respectively. Thursday was the first time benzene was detected in the stream. The state drinking water standard for benzene is 5 ppb.

Sampling at three more points downstream of those detections did not detect benzene. Sampling back upstream, above the initial benzene detection, also did not reveal contamination.

Samples for benzene taken at the point where the town of Parachute diverts water for its irrigation supply 2.7 miles downstream of the gas facility continued to show no detection of benzene.

Operators finalized plans for addressing the benzene in surface water, and will begin implementing those this weekend. Those plans, outlined in yesterday’s update, include air-sparging systems to strip benzene from the water.

The COGCC, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency all remain engaged in developments at the site and are in communication with one another, and with operators.
[end of update]


Want more PC spill news?
Be sure to catch up on coverage of the Parachute Creek spill with our friends at KDNK News.

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