Parachute Creek spill still flowing – source unknown


Williams natural gas processing plant north of Parachute

The GJ Sentinel makes this article available for non-subscribers – big of them:

Volume of Parachute gas leak more than doubles in 24 hours

The contamination site sits beneath cottonwood trees perhaps a half-mile from Garfield County Road 215. Williams and WPX officials aren’t allowing media access to it, but orange construction fencing, yellow tape, excavation equipment and environmental response workers were visible Monday from the road.

Parachute Creek spill continues uncontained; cause, source unknown

Cattleman Rick Bumgardner, whose 200 cows graze along Parachute Creek said “over the past year, a leak from a storage tank and another from a gas compressor station affected his cattle operations … Nobody notified him about this spill or the others, he said. Oil and gas companies “try to beat it back, hope nobody finds them. That’s the way they operate.”

They’re not letting the media in. They’re hiding things. They’re lying.

Williams officials estimated the plume is 200 feet long, 170 feet wide and 14 feet deep. The size of an NFL football field is 300 feet by 160 feet. An NHL hockey rink is 200 feet by 85 feet. The large pool at the Glenwood Hot Springs measures 405 feet by 100 feet and holds more than a million gallons of water (31,746 barrels).

Think about it. If what they’re describing is true – and it’s probably an underestimate – the underground plume is nearly the same size as the Hot Springs pool only deeper. There is likely more than a million gallons of hydrocarbon-liquid-natural-gas-product-oil and it’s still flowing.

Just because there’s no smoke doesn’t mean there’s no fire here. Parachute Creek flows into the Colorado River. This is an environmental disaster in the making. The “dystopian nightmare.”

The only way to hold Williams and WPX Energy accountable is to tell people what’s going on here. We need to get the whole world watching this. Please help spread the word!

To my friends in Parachute and Battlement Mesa, we are with you, if you have any information, news, photos please send to:

Hot Springs Pool measures 405 ft by 100 ft & holds more than a million gallons of water (31,746 barrels)

Hot Springs Pool measures 405 ft by 100 ft & holds more than a million gallons of water (31,746 barrels)

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One Comment on “Parachute Creek spill still flowing – source unknown”

  1. Beth Says:

    Check out this article Peggy.

    BTW, they have to get someone else to test in Parachute by the spill besides the COGCC, as our water tests have PROVED that they lie, lie, lie.

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