Underground oil plume discovered near Parachute

Latest updates — over 1500 gallons in an underground “plume”

Of what?!

Hydrocarbon spill confirmed north of Parachute

Source of natural gas leak a mystery

State, industry and federal officials tracing underground pollution plume near Parachute

If anyone has any more information, please email me: peggyt@siltnet.net

Construction crews find oil spill near Parachute
By The AP
Saturday, March 16, 2013

DENVER — Federal and state authorities are trying to contain an oil spill that was discovered near Parachute in western Colorado.

David Ludlam, director of the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, tells The Denver Post that industry contractors preparing a site for construction along Parachute Creek discovered the liquid hydrocarbons coming up from the ground March 8.

Ludlam says the Environmental Protection Agency has assessed the scene four miles north of Parachute, and no hydrocarbons have made their way into the creek. The source, quantity and nature of the spill remain under investigation.

Ludlam says numerous industry parties are involved, but he declined to name specific companies.

Work crews made the discovery as they were searching for underground pipelines, a standard practice before construction.

Oil spill reported north of Parachute

Garfield County fire and federal Environmental Protection Agency spill response authorities on Friday had said they did not know of any spill in that area. Ludlam said companies reported the incident as required to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

No estimate had been made on the volume of hydrocarbons spilled.

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3 Comments on “Underground oil plume discovered near Parachute”

  1. Leslie Robinson Says:

    Great timing — members of the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance and Western Colorado Congress are going to Denver Monday & Tuesday to talk to legislators about pending O&G bills. One proposed bill mandates more COGCC inspectors….
    Leslie Robinson, GVCA chair

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Thank you Leslie! I will be thinking of you. Remember me for updates. Tell Matt I just need bill numbers, then I can look them up and post them.

  3. Fiona Lloyd Says:

    Ludlam says it can take “weeks” to find the source. In the mean time, the town administrator say the creek is “only” used for irrigation. Well hello, irrigation season starts at the beginning of April……..

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