What the gas industry doesn’t want you to know

While you’re waiting for my post about the Ursa meeting you must read this article. Finally one article that includes everything I’ve been ranting and raving about. It’s all about climate change. And the keyword is methane.

US Climate Bomb is Ticking: What the Gas Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

“James Hansen’s eye-opening article, ‘Game Over for the Climate,’ brought widespread attention to the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada as a source of carbon which, if tapped, would lead to irreversible global warming. There is another climate bomb in the United States, shale gas hydraulic fracking, which emits methane, more dangerous than CO2. While many rhetorically call natural gas a bridge to the clean energy future, new information is showing the opposite; natural gas will hasten climate change, poisons the air, land and water, and carries unacceptable risks to our health …”

This chart is from the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program, “a flexible, voluntary partnership that encourages oil and natural gas companies to adopt proven, cost-effective technologies and practices that improve operational efficiency and reduce methane emissions.” Please note that the greatest source of methane emissions is the result of well venting and flaring.

Source: Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks 1990 - 2009, USEPA, April, 2011.

Source: Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks 1990 – 2009, USEPA, April, 2011.

If you missed this is article about Ursa in the Aspen Business Journal last Sunday (3/3), take a look.

Public reactions differ regarding Ursa Resources’ gas exploration

“A new contender among oil and gas companies investing in Garfield County’s energy reserves is beginning to feel the public’s pushback that comes with doing business in the region … ‘I’ve never witnessed so many splintered groups as I have here,’ Simpson said. ‘There’s Common Ground, the Rifle, Silt, Parachute, New Castle [RSPN] group, there’s Silt, there’s Peach Valley, there’s the Thompson Divide Coalition and Wilderness Workshop … so many people want a say’…”

Actually we are neither “splintered groups” nor splinter groups (small organization, typically a political party that has broken away from a larger one). We are part of a statewide environmental coalition that includes a broad network of activists who use the internet, email, social media, videos, blogs, public meetings and events to organize, take action, and spread information. It’s called “networking.” It’s interesting that nowhere in the article is the word “stakeholder” mentioned. From my encounters with Don Simpson over the past four months, I get the feeling “stakeholder” is a whole new concept for the folks at Ursa.

Good news from the front range!

Fort Collins bans fracking despite governor’s threat

“One week after Gov. John Hickenlooper warned he would sue any community that bans fracking, Fort Collins is putting his threat to the test. By a vote of 5 to 2, Fort Collins City Council banned hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, on the ordinance’s final reading Tuesday night.”

Look at this way. We’re doing some good in the world. Nobody wants to end up like Silt.

Finally, more on the nominees —

What the McCarthy and Moniz Nominations Really Say About Obama’s Climate Policy

“ … The Obama administration’s approach relies ideally on a firm federal push for regulation and technological innovation, but in reality is measured and prone to political compromise at best …”

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