Hickenlooper supports Thompson Divide lease buyout

thompson divide aerialAt a meeting in Snowmass Village on Wednesday (3/6) Governor Hickenlooper said the Thompson Divide Coalition’s $2.5 million settlement offer on the Thompson Divide leases “makes perfect sense” adding:  “If the local community is willing to raise $2 1⁄2 million, maybe the state government should match it. So therefore you have a real offer on the table, and now (with) that pressure maybe you get a transaction. And I think that’s a legitimate way to be partners with all the work that you guys are doing.”

Hickenlooper responds to Thompson Divide questions

Hickenlooper speaks out against drilling in the Thompson Divide

Gov. Hickenlooper opposes Thompson Divide drilling

Coincidentally at Wednesday night’s (3/6) Ursa meeting at the Holiday Inn Express in Silt, Ursa’s Don Simpson (VP Business Development) said he was meeting with a representative of the Thompson Divide Coalition to “work things out” regarding the Thompson Divide leases and that the representative was present, but he didn’t introduce him.

In addition, the lease deal was mentioned Sunday (3/3) in the Aspen Business Journal  article, Public reactions differ regarding Ursa Resources’ gas exploration:

“We all need to work together,” [Simpson] said, noting that the company has not ruled out selling Thompson Divide’s leases to the TDC and addressing concerns about drilling in Battlement’s PUD. “It’s better to work things out.”

Take Action — Tell the BLM to “Let the leases expire!”

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2 Comments on “Hickenlooper supports Thompson Divide lease buyout”

  1. Beth Says:

    What Chickenpooper says and does are completely different.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    It’s rather telling that he didn’t say he thinks the leases should be allowed to expire. Instead he wants to put the pressure on SGI and Ursa to take the buyout and maybe eve the state can match it. So he wants taxpayers, landowners and private citizens to pay off the operators for those leases. It won’t cost TDC or the state one cent if the leases are allowed to expire.
    Frackinlooper’s always looking out for his buds in the industry.

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