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February 16, 2013

oil and gas drilling, Silt

In case you missed it, RSPN’s Fiona Lloyd and I had a discussion in the comments sections at Ursa community meetings in March. The discussion continued via email. Here’s the latest update.

According to Ursa’s VP Don Simpson, “The referred Pretti pad is the Fenno Ranch A pad, which is anticipated to have flaring operations through Wednesday 20th February. The Three Siblings Pad is anticipated to have Flaring operations up to and including Thursday the 21st. The Maves Pad will have the potential to be concluded flaring next weekend. Either the 22nd or the 23rd of February.”

The Maeves pad is up Slaughter Gulch, and is currently flaring tonight. The Three Siblings pad is up on the ridge NE of Silt, between Painted Pastures and Bendetti Road. Diemoz A pad is on the Harvey Gap Road.

Simpson says, “We will be setting up shortly to complete the horizontal well that Antero drilled, the Valley Farms 1H well.  We are installing extra sound mitigation barriers around the location and have contacted all homes in the immediate area. We will continue to operate in a safe and respectful manner.”

The Valley Farms 1H well is located on the F pad, south of Silt, southeast of CR 311, Divide Creek Animal Hospital, and River Park. Antero drilled the well late last summer into the fall but they didn’t frack it.

antero well padSimpson added, “Although we do not know the exact dates yet, any flaring on the Valley Farms 1H well completion should not be at these same times, as the scheduled completion will not be until the end of the month or the first of March.”

A broadcast of road usage comes out via the joint community/industry group, Community Counts.

Don Simpson was recently elected as Secretary of the Energy Advisory Board (EAB). Ursa has also hired a Rifle local, Jeff Powers, who is will be in the Rifle office and as of March 1. Ursa will also have a new Regulatory and Environmental Manager (who is from the Grand Valley area) located in this same office.

In the meantime if you have any comments or questions you may contact Don Simpson:

Don Simpson, CPL
Vice President – Business Development
Ursa Operating Company LLC
1050 17th St., Suite 2400
Denver, CO 80265

Direct: (720) 508-8369
Fax: (720) 508-8368
Cell: (281) 467-3117

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